We’re doing a thing

Sorry for the two-week hiatus. I have some pretty big non-fitness related news to report: Matt and I are engaged!

Want to re-get to know Matthew? I recommend these posts:

I’ll hold off on rewinding the last two weeks of workouts (though some highlights include a 25-mile bike ride and a tennis lesson) to share the story of our proposal.
If you only care about how many times I went to Physique 57 last week (just once, actually), no hard feelings but you might want to skip this post.

Here. we. go.


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Every time I worked out last week (11/8- 11/14)

Oh hello, it’s later in the week than usual, but I’m here with the recap. Knowing I’ll be writing these makes me feel accountable during the week. As always, I’d love if you told me about your week in workouts in the comments!

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