Every time I worked out last week (4/4 -4/10)

I was in NYC all week! It’s been months since that’s been the case. To celebrate my homecoming, the greater Manhattan area eschewed the sunshine-y spring we all expected and brought back winter winds and a lot of rain. I am tired of running in pants. And a hat. And gloves. (Aka what I wear when its anything below 49 degrees F.)

In between huddling to stay warm, I worked out. Here is my weekly fitness recap:

Monday: I didn’t workout, since you know, I raced 10 miles the day before. Also I  was doing a cleanse. OK not exactly. By “cleanse” I mean I had jury duty and you can’t eat in the jurors’ lounge. On a typical work day I will snack on the half hour. So jury duty was an exercise in forced restraint since I was only able to eat at actual meal breaks. Hashtag detox! Super zen right?

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