Should I run a marathon?

I’ve been mulling over running a marathon for the last two years. I gained entry to the NYC Marathon for 2015 through a program called 9+1. (How it works: In a calendar year, you run 9 races hosted by the NYC Marathon sponsor organization the New York Road Runners and you volunteer at one too.) Since I sprained my ankle and didn’t run in 2015, I was able to defer guaranteed entry status to 2016, but I sprained my ankle AGAIN December 2015, so I didn’t feel confident committing to the race (which you’re required to do very early in the year).

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Every time I worked out last week (5/23 – 5/29)

Hello, friends. I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

I visited Toronto during the long weekend to visit my dear pal Kyla. But before that,  I had a lighter week of workouts. Post-BK Half, it wasn’t that I was too sore (I was the normal amount of sore) but mentally, I needed a break. I didn’t feel like pushing myself. So I took a break.  I highly recommend it.

Here’s what went down:

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