Class Review: Mom in Balance Outdoor Bootcamp

I don’t know why I waited so long to try Mom in Balance, a fitness class for pregnant and postpartum women. I was probably put off by the word “mom’ in the name. (Since I am not yet a mom.)  But if that’s holding you back, try to get over it. I’m glad I did.

Mom in Balance is an outdoor bootcamp company that offers classes in parks around New York including Fort Greene Park, Battery Park, Prospect Park and Central Park.

Some of their classes combine pregnant and postpartum folks and some classes are exclusively for one stage or the other.

I fit squarely in the pregnant camp and I tried a combo class for the first time last weekend.  It was a gorgeous summer morning and if I hadn’t been pregnant I would’ve loved to go for a run (I’ve been running while pregnant but at 37 weeks, it’s not so much a workout as it is a way to get somewhere really slowly) so I was thankful for the opportunity to spend time in Central Park under the guise of fitness.

I assume I eventually did a lunge

The class I took had approximately 12 people; four were pregnant and eight were new(ish) moms. For most of class we were split into groups: pregnant and postpartum. Largely, the two groups did the same activity but the pregnant women used modifications or a lower intensity. Here’s what went down:

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Race Recap: Bridgehampton 5K

I woke up on race morning cool as a cucumber.  No race-day jitters for me.  I am not a detective, but I can easily attribute this to one clear fact: I wasn’t signed up to run a race.

At 33 weeks pregnant, my already mediocre running talents were in near total hibernation. Registering for races was totally off my radar. But Matthew (my husband, remember him?) was signed up for the Bridgehampton Half and my pals Katy and Sarah were registered for the same event’s 5K so I found myself in the Hamptons on race morning looking for something to do.

A true love of efficiency and smart logistics drove me to sign up for this 5K. I wanted to get some physical fitness in and I figured if my friends were going to be doing their workouts at the race, I might as well too.

bridgehampton 5K
the 5K runners

I hopped in the car with the planned racers, and we headed for Bridgehampton High School (Go Bees!). I will warn, while it’s a small race, parking near the start is very limited. If you’re planning to run this race, allow time to walk from wherever you’ve decided to stash your vehicle to the starting point.

I saddled up belly first at the registration table, ready to proudly sign up for the 5K at eight months pregnant and was asked if I wanted to register for the half marathon or the 5K.  I appreciate the staffer’s open-mindedness! Women can do anything! (But this particular woman could not have run 13-miles on this specific morning.)

I visited the porta-potty which I literally never do. When I hit 30 my preference for real plumbing and bathrooms fragranced with the scent of Diptque candles became non-negotiable. While pregnant, my bladder has moved up my list of priority organs.

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Do you need to take Physique 57’s pregnancy class? (if you’re pregnant)

Hi friends! Last week I shared a scorecard of my favorite classes to take while pregnant. One of the classes that ranked the highest was Physique 57. Physique is so welcoming to pregnant ladies they even offer a special workshop called “Fit for Pregnancy” that teaches you all of the modifications you need for their class. The workshop itself is a great workout.

But you may be asking yourself: Do I need this workshop?

above, a recent picture of me just being me

So let’s get down to biznas. I took the 90-minute Fit For Pregnancy workshop and I’m here to help you answer that question.

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My fav fitness classes while pregnant in NYC

Well well, look what the cat dragged in (me). I haven’t posted in ages, which means I’ve not shared some big personal news: I’m pregnant. I’m due (as if it’s a very strict appointment) at the end of June.

running at 24 weeks in Savannah
running at 24 weeks in Savannah

In the last 30 weeks or so, I’ve tried a bunch of different workout classes to varying degrees of success. Working out while pregnant is different for everyone. I’m happy to share what’s worked for me (and what hasn’t) in the event it makes it a little easier for someone else to get out there. I also know I’m lucky to be able to work out consistently during pregnancy. I know not everyone feels up to it – or is advised to – and I’m not taking it for granted.

Nicole’s Pregnancy Fitness Class Scorecard

StudioFor pre-natal/post-natal only?Welcoming to pregnant ladies?Sweaty?The Scene Modify much?(1= no modifying; 10= lots of modifying)Mini Review
Physique57 NoYes
They love modifying for pregnant ladies and have special bolsters
NoFit uptown ladies (at pretty much all locations)3
The whole abs section (~10 minutes) needs to be modified but the instructors are happy to help; the class sticks to the same format each time so once you sort modifications, you're golden
I love this class for it's reliability. I know being pregnant won't get in the way of my ability to work out here.
Fhitting Room NoYes
They have a promo video welcoming pregnant ladies to come
YesUpscale bootcamp, co-ed, tough workout, positive reinforcement7
Each class is different so the level of modification varies class to class
Since the workout changes class to class, it's hard to know when I walk into the studio if I'll be able to join the class in the routines. I have all but stopped going because I got tired of doing my own thing.
DanceBody NoDidn’t acknowledge I was pregnantYesYounger crowd (both locations in NYC are downtown)2
I skip the pushups and replace with jumping jacks; this also assumes you’re a pregnant lady who is okay with jumping!
I love this class while pregnant. So far I'm lucky and jumping has been fine for me. This class makes me straight up smile.
ProNatal FitnessYesYesYesHeld in a Tribeca community center basement; mom-to-bes of varying fitness levels1This was a good workout but it wasn't for me. The studio is right next to an indoor pool and it was very humid and there were no windows. The tone was a bit medicinal rather than fun.
PreNatal Yoga Center YesYesNoChill, hippy UWS mom-to-bes1It's a slow flow, but I think all pregnant yoga probably is. Community is a factor here, which is nice for making friends. Though I haven't like, personally made friends here (yet?).
Love Child YogaYesYesNoMother earth meets the West Village in a damp basement1I wanted to like this so much. It's located on Horatio Street and looks straight up precious, but I found myself struggling to stay engaged in the flows.
Fit Pregnancy ClubYesYesKindaHip, Soho pregnant ladies (who will probably wear crop tops the second they are out of labor)1This is a solid workout catered to pregnant ladies. Think: weights, cardio and toning in a trendy studio. They make being pregnant cool.

If you’ve been pregnant, what were your favorite workouts in NY?