all the feelings

The NYC Half was last weekend which makes me feel like spring is officially within sight. Running season is here. I wrote about this when I wrote about the NYC Marathon and the East Hampton Half, but I love watching races. My eyes well up every time.

exploding dog
this is from a cartoonist i’ve loved since college “Exploding Dog”

For me, it’s basically two things. First, the sense of community/friendship. When a runner grabs the hand of a friend and they pass the finish line holding hands, I think my heart might burst. When someone spots a familiar face cheering in the crowd? That’s right. A person stood around in the cold just waiting for you to run by so they could tell you how great you are and how proud they feel. What is better than that? No one stands next to my desk at work screaming WAY TO GO, HABER. And I imagine no one does it at yours either. Races are special.

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