Every time I worked out last week (4/4 -4/10)

I was in NYC all week! It’s been months since that’s been the case. To celebrate my homecoming, the greater Manhattan area eschewed the sunshine-y spring we all expected and brought back winter winds and a lot of rain. I am tired of running in pants. And a hat. And gloves. (Aka what I wear when its anything below 49 degrees F.)

In between huddling to stay warm, I worked out. Here is my weekly fitness recap:

Monday: I didn’t workout, since you know, I raced 10 miles the day before. Also I  was doing a cleanse. OK not exactly. By “cleanse” I mean I had jury duty and you can’t eat in the jurors’ lounge. On a typical work day I will snack on the half hour. So jury duty was an exercise in forced restraint since I was only able to eat at actual meal breaks. Hashtag detox! Super zen right?

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Healthy lunch options during jury duty (NYC)

I had jury duty for the first time ever this week. The Centre Street courts are deliciously close to Chinatown and a huge plate of noodles was a definite consideration as I headed downtown on Monday morning. But after sitting around all day, eating a heavy meal didn’t sound so good to me any more. Also, we had Chinese food for dinner the night before. (If you were to ask “Who cooks?” in our house the answer would be “Mee Noodle Shop.”)

I searched the internet to find a list of “healthy lunch options for jury duty” and got bupkis. There are tons of recommendations for lunch, but none are for the healthy eater. So I wanted to share with you where I ended up eating, and what your healthy choices are for lunch near Centre Street.

These are all a short walk from the Centre Street courts.

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