Every time I worked out last week (12/13-12/19)

Mile High Run Club. Revolve Fitness. Roy Alexander FitCamp. Flex Studios.

Thanks to ClassPass I tried four new classes this week, and liked them all.  Here’s what went down.

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Gramercy Pilates NYC! (Hi new friend!)

If you’ve been reading Cuckoolemon for a while now, you know my fitness palate is pretty “basic bitch.” I frequent the same studios everyone else likes, and they are all chains. But I’m happy to report thanks to ClassPass, I’ve made some new friends. Come meet my pretty new pal: Gramercy Pilates NYC.

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How to fit a workout into your busy life

To celebrate the premiere of Work Out New York on Bravo this Sunday at 9/8c I wanted to talk about how we can fit exercise into our overwhelming, exhausting, but enviable New York lives

Categorically, living in New York is chaotic and hectic.  New Yorkers are famous for being over-scheduled and just plain busy.  (True Life: I am one of those New Yorkers, but I wasn’t always.)

When I moved to Manhattan from Washington DC three years ago, I underestimated just how big the change would be. 

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Every time I worked out last week (11/8- 11/14)

Oh hello, it’s later in the week than usual, but I’m here with the recap. Knowing I’ll be writing these makes me feel accountable during the week. As always, I’d love if you told me about your week in workouts in the comments!

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6 reasons I love Finish Line Physical Therapy

I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I’ve never explained why I’m so positive about my physical therapy experience at Finish Line.

Aren’t you meant to dread physical therapy?


Before I went to FLPT I was feeling pretty frustrated. After many months, three doctors and a different physical therapy treatment, I wasn’t healing from what sounded like such a simple injury (an ankle sprain). Finish Line was a bright light for me, so I wanted to breakdown why this place is special and effective. (Though I hope you never need the information.)

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