Mission Ride a Bike: Biking down hills, near cars and related tragedies

I went back to Riverside Park and CRUSHED riding in a circle on flat land. I scooted gracefully around all of the little children. I turned, I glided. I did ALL THE THINGS. So when Matt and I made plans to go to the Berkshires I was pretty excited to put my bike riding skills to use.

As my more-experienced-bike rider readers already know: All bike rides are not created equal.

First: cycling topography lesson: riding on hills is different than riding on a flat path. Riding down and up slopes required that I engage the gears of the bike.  Let’s talk about a bike’s gears shall we? It’s the least perfect mechanical engineering I’ve ever learned about. I can’t believe in 2014 this is as far as bike riding technology has gotten. You twist a lever, the bike jerks as it connects with a chain and sometimes resistance increases and other times it lessens. But its not an exact science and I found it startling (gut wrenching). Riding downhill I feared the bike would flip, and more than once attempting to go up hill I found myself slipping down.

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