This weekend, on a rare lazy Saturday morning, I re-watched the movie One Day.  

It’s the worst kept secret that the book is a guilty pleasure for me. The movie, if assessed with any sort of critical eye, is terrible. It’s hard to follow, Anne Hathaway’s British accent is weird at best, and it’s just too sad without having earned it. (The book EARNS it.) But if you loved the book, just dipping in to the story in any form can be stirring. I think it’s just an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia or sentimentalism for the novel itself. Which if you haven’t gotten yet, I was pretty taken with.

This is all a long winded way of saying: I spent Saturday morning crying with noise on my couch watching a movie that got a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Hello from freezing DC. I’m here for nearly a week due to a confluence of a wedding and a work trip. Before moving to New York in 2012, I lived here for 5 and a half years and remember exclusively moderate winters. Since I’ve left your nation’s capital has become an arctic tundra. Brr.  But that’s no excuse to hibernate. Remember?

freezing outside the West Wing

freezing outside the West Wing

I wanted to share some of the fitness blogs that I love reading. There are others I love but for today, I wanted to highlight this six. They are worth checking out for inspirational stories, humble laughs and relatable tips. Let me know what you think. Any to add?

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Oh hello!

Last week I shared a record of every time I worked out. I got more views on that post than most posts – by a heap – so I think it’s something you (or someone!) is interested in reading.

Me too.

I love day-in-the-life posts, and other deep dives into the habits of others when it comes to fitness. I’d love to learn yours! Let me know in the comments how this compares to what you’re doing!

February 1-7: Every Workout

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I was in Washington last week and saw my old orthopedist. Ahh first loves! (I lived in DC for nearly 6 years before moving to New York.) I’ve become the sort of traveler who packs her MRI next to her travel toothbrush so I was ready to go when he had a last minute opening.

sunset in DC

Sunset in DC from Union Station. Union Station > Penn Station

After my first race (the Broad Street 10 miler) I wound up with a hairline fracture. Without much fanfare, I found a doctor who took my insurance… and then quickly fell in love with him. He actually solved my ailment immediately! He prescribed orthotics and physical therapy and eventually my ankles were back in business. After all the rigmarole, this time around I was excited to return to someone who had proven he knows what’s up.

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