I ordered dinner from Reviver about 90 minutes ago. The sort-of-cute and shockingly hipster bike messenger has visited my door twice, but both times without my order. So this post is unlikely to be a food review.

I have been a bit of a slacker blogger recently and I’m here to come clean. It’s not that I’ve turned into a couch potato, I’ve just been doing my usual fitness things:

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I am the type of person for whom yoga is recommended. I wouldn’t say I am Type A (more like A+) but I’m pretty fast-moving and a bit enthusiastic. When I was young enough to still see a pediatrician, I asked the very patient Dr. Toback what my blood type was. I was told A- (A negative) I asked where I lost points and how I could turn that A- to an A+. I wrote about this tendency a few weeks ago.

But I do like yoga. I often don’t include it in my weekly workout regimen. This is probably a mistake. I like to feel the burn, and to sweat. I think if I had a larger supply of time, I would do more yoga. But I don’t like substituting it for something more intense. Maybe this is why I am always injured.

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It all started at Laughing Lotus, the Flatiron yoga studio. My name wasn’t in their system because of a long hiatus so the woman behind the counter offered me the new person discount: $39 for an unlimited monthly pass. A drop-in class cost $18, so as long a I go more than 3x in a month, it’s worth it. I went once.

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Like a wise man named Julian Casablanca once sang, I’ll try anything once. This includes having a stranger who is not a medical doctor poke me with needles. I am at my wit’s end with this nagging ankle injury and open to any solution.

After asking friends and scouring Yelp, I found an acupuncturist with excellent reviews with an availability for the very next day. I looked for someone who had specifically helped with ankle injuries before. I don’t know if that matters but I thought it might.

In case you’ve never tried acupuncture (I hadn’t before this!) this is how it went. (I know I was super curious before going.)

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Hello! I just got back from Kripalu! But let’s chat about that later. I’m feeling very New Yorkish this Sunday evening.

Even though I am Class-Happy Sally (and no that’s not my torqboard name), there are still tons of great classes in the 212 I haven’t tried yet. I might not be able to try some of these classes until I’m 100% healed ankle-wise (so please, do have your cyborg pencil me in for 2065, the first Tuesday after the apocalypse please).

Here is a list of classes I haven’t tried yet and plan to in 2015:

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