It’s been nearly two months since my last post.

Cycling 22 miles to Coney Island was pretty much a mic drop as far as this blog and my fitness life are concerned so I’m okay with the dramatic hiatus.

I am certain that questions of my whereabouts crowded web forums in similar style to chatter about Tupac’s disappearance. That is unless you follow me on Instagram. From my millennial-esque oversharing, you know exactly where I was. (#ButWhereisTupacREALLY?)

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Two weeks ago I wrote a very happy post about running on an AlterG. I’ll be honest and say my ankle hasn’t felt that great since.

But I am not here today to kvetch about the Big Ankle Crisis of 2014-15. I’m here (LOUD AND PROUD) to tell you about the Biggest Biking Success Known to Date (caveat: on this blog).

As a belated (and very thoughtful, generous) birthday gift, Matt bought me a bike for my birthday. After some research (and a decision-making process that left me feeling like I am turning into my mother at warp speed) we purchased an AWESOME bike. For those wondering, my new ride is is the Liv Alight 2. Liv is made by Giant (fun fact, basically every bike is made by Giant) and is made for and by women. So that’s pretty cool.

liv alight

Because moderation is for the weak, straight from the bike store Matt and I set off on a 21-mile bike ride through the city. As a refresher, mere months ago I could barely ride a bike. A year ago, I was riding without using pedals. Matt had planned to guide us from uptown Manhattan all the way to Coney Island.

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Yesterday I ran on an AlterG for the third time. I didn’t feel any significant pain. An AlterG is a magical treadmill that allows you to run without the impact of your full body weight.

blurry b/c i'm going so fast (or bc i'm a bouncy runner)

blurry b/c i’m going so fast (or bc i’m a bouncy runner)

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What is cooler than wearing orthotics? Talking about wearing orthotics! Two weeks ago I got fitted for custom orthotics. Since my injury I had been wearing SuperFeet, which are great, but not enough. Last week my orthotics came in and I’ve been wearing them ever since. It’s good stuff, man. My foot is well-positioned and so I feel a lot better. Not healed, but improved.

Last weekend I went down to Amelia Island in Florida with Matt’s family. The goal was to play tennis but even with my orthotics, tennis = ankle murder. I need to get a little stronger before I can play.

But you know what I was able to do? Ride like the wind.

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I am not a yoga person. Not regularly at least.  Yes, I went to a yoga farm in Spain (photo below) and yes I spent a weekend at a yoga retreat.  I loved both experiences.  Quite plainly I am a “yes” person. You can pretty much ask me to do anything that requires a plane ride and I’m on board. This might lead some people in the direction of risky behavior. But for me saying yes just means more stretching.

yoga farm spain

namaste, amigo

I read all the hype the hype about Lyons Den Power Yoga, a hot yoga studio in Tribeca and despite my yoga class ADD, I thought if I could even like it a little, a yoga class would be good for injury prevention. Oh and generally mellowing. You read this blog. You know I could probably chill out a little. Let’s just agree to agree.
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