Mission: Ride a bike

This is part of a “Mission” series where I set a goal and work to meet it. Tips/suggestions/motivation welcome!

This is embarrassing. I can’t ride a bike.

How did this happen?

Let’s harken back to a quintessential childhood moment. If you know how to a ride a bike, you have a memory that likely goes something like this:

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Bikes and Crips

Ever since mankind ceased being nomadic, political and religious factions have fought over land. It’s a tale as old as time, even since before West Side Story.

But there is an untold tale of tribal land grab happening in a zip code close to home. Even though NY1 isn’t covering it, Central Park is home to a conflict. The groups involved are so fundamentally different in their desires, I don’t see how we can ever live in harmony.

Every Saturday morning, three factions set out to the Central Park loop armed with cameras, bicycles or just a sweat-heavy singlet. This land war is between tourists, bikers and runners. View Post