This is not a food/diet blog. But some of the latest health trends are so weird and so kooky that I wanted to get the facts on them and share them with you. This is by no means encouragement to try them. (Though if you do, please report back!)

Here are two out there ways people are reforming their eating:

1. People are putting butter in their coffee. WHY? (Editor’s note: these people totally all live in LA).

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Have you seen all of those 30-Day Challenges floating around social media? It’s very New Year’s Resolution-y.

First of all, here is the mother-ship: 30 Day Fitness Challenges. Follow that link to find 30 Day Challenges for every limb in your anatomy.

Matt and I are doing the 30 Day Abs Challenge, which looks like this:

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While thinking about New Year’s goals, I thought a lot about the utility of goal setting in general (this NYT article was interesting on that front). Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how to set a goal without beating yourself up too much along the way.

One thing I reasoned is you’re less likely to be hard on yourself if you remain aware of how far you’ve come. Which is why today bring you the story of my very humble running beginnings.

When I started this blog, I was already really into running and on my way to becoming a semi-confident runner. I’d run a ten-mile race and a half marathon. Hardly an illustrious athletic history, but at least a history.

Let me state a few facts (obvious to those who know me IRL): I was not on the track team. I did not play team sports. (I WORK ALONE. Just kidding.)

Here is the story of my first run:

New Years Resolutions

Happy 2015!!

I’ve never made New Year’s Resolutions before. This year I really want to set intentions out loud  (to increase accountability) and commit myself to them. Here is what I came up with:

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Is being healthy a discrete part of your day, or the way you approach your day?

I’ve written before about how much I love the Torqboard at Flywheel. It gives any rider a sense of how effective her ride was in terms of caloric burn or general exertion. Spending 45 minutes in a dark room listening to EDM is a really specific way to get your heart going. Part of the reason I think people like spinning is that its contained. You spin for 45 minutes, sweat yourself into a red-faced mess and then you can cross “workout” off your to-do list. I have no hard feelings about this. This is me most days.

But a spin class is a mere 45 minutes so to paraphrase Sonny from Grease “What are you suppose to do with the rest of the 23 hours and 15 minutes of the day?

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