When I was home for Thanksgiving I went through some childhood diaries. I don’t remember writing that often but evidence shows I was an avid archivist. There are probably 20 diaries in my parents’ garage. I was clearly an insane child because I would write the entry in one color pen and go back a month later and copyedit it in a different color. Always be improving, I guess.

I came across this entry from the 4th grade, I was nine:

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Before the great ankle  injury of 2014 I was taking New York Road Runners training classes.  And they are awesome.

NYRR classes are offered in 1x a week or 2x a week packages. The sessions last 10 weeks. For a NYRR member the 10-week session costs $105 for once a week classes. To attend classes twice weekly, it’s only $180 for all 20 classes.

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are because there are 8 levels of classes to choose from. You are grouped according to how fast you can run a 5K. (There is no audition, you just self-identify on the form. If you’re obviously too fast or too slow, the teacher might suggest you switch groups.)

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Reporting live from my parents’ house! Happy Thanksgiving!

I took the train out to the ‘burbs last night to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

We are a small bunch at Thanksgiving – just my immediate family – but my mom and I were talking about adding some new traditions this year. We both like to run (she ran a 5 miler in Central Park this month and placed 6th in her age group!!) so we convinced my dad and sister to do a Turkey Trot in the town next to ours.

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Are you waiting at the edge of your seat waiting for an update on my injured ankle? Do I have the post for you!

After being told my ankle would take 1-2 years to heal, I sought out a second opinion. Does that timeline seem crazy to anyone else? I’m relatively new to sports injuries.

I feel lucky to live in a city like New York where there are just so many incredible doctors.  As a patients we are able to have large options for even the most specific of needs, like ankle specialists. It’s a fact that no one I’ve spoke to about my injury so far even so much as looks at a knee.
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