Do you need to take Physique 57’s pregnancy class? (if you’re pregnant)

Hi friends! Last week I shared a scorecard of my favorite classes to take while pregnant. One of the classes that ranked the highest was Physique 57. Physique is so welcoming to pregnant ladies they even offer a special workshop called “Fit for Pregnancy” that teaches you all of the modifications you need for their class. The workshop itself is a great workout.

But you may be asking yourself: Do I need this workshop?

above, a recent picture of me just being me

So let’s get down to biznas. I took the 90-minute Fit For Pregnancy workshop and I’m here to help you answer that question.

The goals of the class were billed as two fold:

  1. Enjoy a fun workout where you will learn all the essential exercises for a healthy pregnancy
  2. Learn all the variations that can be applied to signature Physique 57 classes

The class was geared far more to the latter initiative; to show you how to make the most out of Physique-57 specific modifications.

For readers who’ve taken their share of P57 classes, you know pregnant people freaking love that studio. I’ve gone a few times while pregnant (but before taking this workshop) and had literally no clue what to do with that giant wedge all the pregnant ladies use (pictured below). Despite the kindness of the instructors, I felt awkward grabbing the wedge because then what? I take the wedge and hope there is another pregnant lady in class I can mimic, OR I ask the instructor for help. Which is reasonable but early in pregnancy – before it was obvious – I didn’t like drawing more attention to myself.

Another time I left before the abs section because my doctor basically scared me into think I’d end up with diastasis recti if I was in the same room as a crunch.

Needless to say, I was very eager to learn how mom-to-bes use Physique 57 to stay in shape.

The class started the way all gatherings of pregnant women start (so I am learning). All the ladies go around and say how far along they are. Then through an intense series of smiles and eye contact, women decide who to befriend exclusively based on who has a near due date.  No one was due anywhere near me. I took this class in February and I was smack in the middle of newly pregnant ladies and about-to-give-birth pregnant ladies. I didn’t make any friends.

above, me in the workshop

The class was structured like a normal 60-minute class, but since we had 90 minutes, within each section we went over every possible pregnancy modification. During the arms and legs part, nearly nothing changes. The instructors recommended using the ballet barre for push ups. We can pretend being pregnant is why I need help modifying push ups or we can carry on with an honest post.

The real magic happened during the abs section.The main way (but not the only way) Physique57 recommends modifying is by using a wedge. A wedge is exactly what it sounds like and it’s pictured below.

physique 57 wedge

The goal of the wedge is to support your back and keep your head elevated above your heart, which is a big thing during pregnancy, per Web-MD. The wedge allows you to do some lower ab work (as pictured above) without doing the ever-forbidden crunch.  The instructor explained how and when to use it, and how and when to just ditch the whole thing and do extra arms instead. [Note: Do not take medical advice from me or any other non-medical professional.]

The class definitely made me feel more confident heading to their studio. If you’re pregnant and you’re looking for a safe, welcoming place to workout (Where there are also non-pregnant people! A big pro for me!) get yourself to P57. Here are a few more tips from them pros:

Belly Up to Barre: 6 Safe (and Effective) Pregnancy Exercises

Top line: Should you sign up for this workshop if you’re pregnant? Yes. But only if you plan on taking Physique57 classes.

Anyone else take this workshop? Or want to be my friend? (see above)

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