Review: Sports Massage at FitClub NY – a new physical therapy spot in Chelsea

Note: I received this massage for free in exchange for writing an honest review.

I first met the lovely folks of FitClub NY when they hosted a pop-up event at the flagship Lululemon on Fifth Avenue. Camped out in the lower level of the shop, in a space called Hub Seventeen, they offered sports massages and physical therapy assessments. At that event, I won a 60-minute sports massage at their studio, located at 153 W 27th Street.

Who turns down a free massage? Not me. So a few weeks later I showed up at their studio, conveniently located by the 28th Street 1 train stop. I made an appointment first, of course. You gotta make an appointment. Write that down.

FitClub NY reminds me of a start-upy version on my old favorite, Finish Line Physical Therapy. I switched health insurance plans. Under the new policy, PT sessions have increased in price by 300%.  So I’m exploring other, possibly more affordable, PT options and I was excited to check out FitClub.

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Their space is small, but welcoming. The staff is super positive and they seem well informed. They are eager to help and eager to answer questions. Unlike some of the physical therapy chains, your physical therapist at FitClub will stay with you for your entire session and devote his/her full attention to your care. (Some of the chains pass you off to a rotating crew of assistants, and it’s hard to get consistent support.)

Fitclub NY

I was there for a massage and I was a little surprised to learn the massage would be take place on a table in the main room with other people right there. Of course, this meant I would keep all of my clothes on. So keep that in mind if you book an appointment. If I were to go again, I’d wear loose clothes because there were some elements of the massage we couldn’t do since I couldn’t roll up my leggings very far.

My appointment was with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Olufemi Sonubi. He was knowledgable and very professional. One of the issues I wanted to focus on was my lower back pain. Ever since I ran the NYC marathon, the area right above the base of my spine has been sore.  This is aggravated when I run. Olufemi determined that my legs are too stiff (and possibly too weak) and so after a while, the pressure of running is getting pushed up to my back.

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Olufemi used a theragun during the massage. I like the idea of this recovery tool – which pulsates deeply into your muscles – but I prefer it for at-home use, not when a professional is giving a massage. I am sure if I had asked him not to use it, he would have happily skipped it, but I wanted him to do his thing.

In actuality, the treatment was part massage and part guided stretch. It left me feeling really relaxed and made me realize how little stretching/yoga I’ve been doing and how much it’s impacted my ability to run and like, touch my toes.

FitClub NY is a great addition to the fitness recovery scene. If you’re on the market for a PT, check them out.

Are sports massages part of your recovery and training regimen? Where do you go?

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