Race Recap: Ted Corbitt 15K

I did not want to run this race. I mean, I must have at some point, I signed up for it. The evening before the race the New York Road Runners (the organization that puts on the race) sent an alert indicating that due to the potential snow storm, the race might be cancelled and that they’d let us know by 6am on Saturday (race morning). I won’t lie. I hoped they’d call off the race.

I woke up early on Saturday and big flurries were starting to fall. The roads were still dry and the race was still on. So with no good excuse, Matt and I got dressed and race ready. To be fair, Matt was excited and positive the whole time. We cabbed up to the start and met our pal Camilla. Her parents live uptown near the start, so we dropped off jackets and a change of clothes and jogged to the start together.


One aspect of running I’ve never gotten involved in is the team sport piece. Throughout New York, and other cities of course, local, non-professional running groups compete against each other. In New York, this happens at the very same New York Road Runners races I participate in. (As you can see in the photo above, Camilla runs with the Prospect Park Track Club.)

The Ted Corbitt 15K was the last team race of the season, and the various groups were out in full force, cheering and running, despite the snowfall. Big spirited groups rooting, clapping and jumping up and down on a race course? Of course I loved it. The weather and the extra team excitement made the morning feel a bit special.

The course itself was a bit unique. We started at 103rd Street on the east side of Central Park, and did a small loop crossing at 72nd Street. Then, we did a similar, larger loop this time crossing at the bottom of the park. I sort of wish the bigger loop had been first to get it out of the way.

ted corbitt 15K

At some point I looked up how far 15K is in miles but during the race somehow I forgot the precise conversion. I knew it was more than 9 miles but less than 10. This is embarrassing, I suppose, but it meant once I passed the 9-mile mark, I wasn’t sure how much I had left, or how much to push.

Turns out its 9.3 miles. Now you know. Now we both know.

Any races left on your 2017 calendar?

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  1. December 16, 2017 / 3:32 pm

    I 100% agree with you on all counts. Like with the Poland Spring I was so hoping to wake to a “Sorry, weather makes it a no go” text. What kills me with the winter running is not so much the actual race, but the standing around and waiting. So hard to get warm. Today oddly felt colder than last Saturday.

    Loved the cheer squads. So motivating when you have a case of “don’t wanna”. And yes, longer loop first would have been much better.

    I can do the 5K multiples easy, it’s when they’re not ala 8Ks that I struggle to math that early in the morning.

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