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When a rep from the Philly-based allongée studio invited me to review their pop-up classes in New York, I was immediately into it. I vibed with their cool French name (which translates in English to “elongate”) and their gentle, warm, all lower-case, non-corporate website, oh and I love a barre-based workout. (See Pop Physique, Physique 57)

allongée hosts classes out of a studio space at Arts on Site  at 12 St. Marks Place. This is the same building that Yoga to the People hosts classes. allongée hopes to open a studio in NYC in the next year or so,

Coincidentally, when I first moved to NY, I looked at an apartment right next to the Arts on Site building. While the block has changed a bit since 2012, it’s still party central. According to the NY Post, “there are an astonishing 32 liquor licenses within 500 feet.” There doesn’t seem to be a count of the head shops. My mom captured the scene by saying, “You might accidentally get a tattoo if you live here.”

Anyway, the apartment had no real windows and cost 100 million human dollars plus broker fee, so I moved elsewhere.

from allongée’s site (Philly studio)

Back to 2017, allongée groups their classes into three categories: sculpt, sweat and hybrid. I signed up for a class in their “sweat” bucket called “Bey Body Intervals HIIT.”

Here’s how they define it:

[sweat]: CARDIO focus. Sculpt that #flawlees #beybody physique in this High Intensity Interval class with the addition of some of our proprietary allongée CardioBarre sequences. Utilizing different body weight combinations accompanied by a Beyoncé playlist. Heavy cardio.

I rolled up to St. Marks street early on a Monday morning, which is not something most people can say.

Arts on Site studio
Arts on Site studio

The class was taught by founder Jillian Dreusike. Jillian is a professional dancer, exceedingly kind and down to earth. I was the only pupil in the class that morning, and while we looked incredibly different doing the moves (because she has muscles my body didn’t know it wasn’t making) she was full of positive, realistic motivation.

Based around a barre and a mat, the class has a lot more bouncing than Physique 57 owed to it’s cardio goals. We did fast-paced movements along with squats (err plies) and planks. There were no free weights but it was still a strong strength workout. My glutes were sore the next day.

I’d love to try the other classes this studio offers. I loved the feel of the class and would love to come back for more.

If you have ClassPass, you can try one of their classes in NYC here. If not, you can take a pop-up class by signing up though their website.

Have any Philly readers visited this studio?


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