All the workouts: NYC Marathon Training Week 10

Do you use a mantra when you run? I don’t. On an ideal run, my mind is blank. For those Harry Potter fans out there (and no spoilers please, I’m on Book 6), I think I may have a knack for Occlumency, that’s how empty my head is when I run (at least when I’m lucky).


But I know other people who use motivational phrases to keep themselves positive during a grueling workout. An NBC affiliate in Chicago has 26 suggested mantras (one per mile, as it were) in advance of the nearing Chicago Marathon.  Has anyone tried something like this? Does it work? How do you possibly remember 26 lines while you’re running?

Here’s last week workouts:

Monday: Nada

Tuesday: Skipped NYRR class and did nada. I’m fighting a cold or some sort of modest plague.

Wednesday: 7 miles before work

Thursday: 20-minute arms/abs workout

Friday: Nada

Saturday: 15 miles on Long Island. I slept at my parents’ house Friday night and ran 15 miles near the ocean on Saturday morning. It was so hard. I ran along the Jones Beach Bikeway and while it’s entirely flat, there are no water fountains or bathrooms on the path. The trail passes the Jones Beach Amphitheater (a major concert venue) and when I arrived I pleaded with a security guard to use a bathroom. He pointed me in the right direction.  I was moving so quickly (and so desperately) I didn’t realized until later I was in the men’s room. The run was tough for other reasons, too.  I’m still dealing with some congestion (maybe allergies?) so it was tough to breathe and I hacked up some really gross stuff. There is no TMI in a running recap, so I will not apologize.

Jones Beach Bathroom
The “Men’s Comfort Station” at Jones Beach

As much as it’s fun to change the scenery for these multi-hour runs, there’s comfort in knowing the location of the next water fountain or bathroom.

running new places

Sunday: 2 miles total, 1 warm up, 1 racing the New Balance 5th Avenue Mile. It was positively brutal racing the day after the longest run of my life. (Most weekend runs from here on out will earn the title “Longest Run of My Life.”) I had hoped to break a 7-minute mile, but I was so burnt out from the day before that I didn’t have any UMPHH left in me. I’m cool with a 7:09/pace though.

NB 5th Avenue Mile
Lining up before the 5th Ave Mile. (Where Caroline smoked me)


How was your week? What did you get into? Do you use a mantra when you run? Did you race the 5th Avenue Mile?

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