I ran 10 miles before 7:30am.

Marathon training makes you do crazy things.

I’m headed to a wedding in Bermuda this weekend. I heard it’s pretty impossible to do a long run outside in Bermuda because the roads have no shoulder.  In order to stay on track with my training plan I decided to run 10 miles before work on Thursday. Maybe you’re an early riser and this isn’t a wackadoo concept to you. But for me, waking up at 5:30am to do anything other than catch a flight is either a miracle or a mistake. This is my story.

10 mile run central park
This is the route of the run so you can follow along. Yes I did run through water. There is a lot you don’t know about me.
Thoughts by mile, start time: 5:55am.

Mile 1: It’s dark out. I’m a renegade. What are all these people doing up? That doorman is doing lunges! I’m meeting my friend Sarah at 6am to do the first few miles. I hope we run slowly. My body takes so long to warm up. Oh look, Sarah is already here. Hi, Sarah!

Mile 2: We just ran up Cat Hill. Ballsy start. The cat statue freaks me out. I’ve conjured up a fear that it’s bad luck.  I always run alone and it’s so nice to chat and feel distracted. Though it’s not entirely easy to talk and run yet at mile 2.

Mile 3: Are we going too fast? Are we going too slow? Oh the sun is rising. That is beautiful. This happens every day, I’d bet.

sunrise central park
Sarah at sunrise in Central Park
Mile 4: Say goodbye to Sarah on the west side. That was so lovely! Oh what’s this a water fountain? Delightful! Up to Harlem Hills I go.

Mile 5: Why did I put this song on my playlist? What is this? NEXT. Do I know that girl? Should I smile at everyone I pass?

Mile 6: Running down a hill when other people are running up it feels like cheating.

Mile 7: Harlem Meer is awesome. Thanks, Ali Feller for convincing me to include it in loops of the park. Ok crossing out of the park to 5th Avenue to practice for the marathon. OMG. The marathon. This is happening. Nicole, try imagining it’s the marathon. OMG. What if I just cry the whole 26.2 miles?

Mile 8: Hey, 5th Avenue, WTF is wrong with your sidewalk? This is like a trail run. Maybe I’ll run in the bus lane instead. THAT WAS A BAD IDEA.

Mile 9: Crossing back into the park at East 90th, just like in the marathon. Is this a visualization technique? Should I learn one? The song “Spirit in the Sky” comes on the playlist. I love this song. I want to be buried to this song. I should tell Matt. Actually, don’t tell Matt. That is morbid and insane. Stop thinking about that. Why are you thinking about this still?

Mile 10: This is it. Don’t get scared now. Don’t think about the hill up to Tavern on the Green. Think about being done. Someone called my name! Oh hey it’s my friend Jon on a CitiBike. And. It’s. Over.

After: I am a badass. How long until my post-run stomachache kicks in?

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  1. February 11, 2018 / 11:18 am

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