All the workouts: Marathon Training Week 3, Us versus the Humidity

Happy Sunday!

Thanks for your marathon advice last week on Facebook and elsewhere!  I’m three weeks into marathon training, so you know, just 15 more to go. So far I am loving it. Life is getting very busy and these runs serve as a sanity check that I don’t know that I would otherwise take. The weather – for anyone reading outside the eastern seaboard – has been brutal. Hot, humid and just a sweaty mess. I downloaded the AccuWeather app last month so we could check the weather for our wedding weekend from a 10th source and now I get bright orange HEAT ADVISORY alerts three times a day.

Like everyone else, I probably should drink more water before/during/after runs but please add that to the list next to stretching of easy advice I’m not taking.

Here’s what went down last week:

Monday: I ran the NYRR Brooklyn R-U-N 5K in Prospect Park. I ran with my friend Caroline which was a treat. It was a steamy night but such a fun race. I never run in Prospect Park so the change of scene and course was great.

prospect park 5k
Prospect Park 5K

Tuesday: A few hours after Monday evening’s 5K, I was up and at ‘em early Tuesday morning to take a NYRR interval training class. We did 800s (half mile intervals). It was hot. Running is hard/amazing/all the feelings.

Wednesday: Didn’t work out

Thursday: Late night Refine Method class. This was tough but work has been so busy that I felt super grateful to make it to class at all.

Refine Method

Friday: Didn’t work out

Saturday: 6.7-mile run in Central Park. Saturday was SO hot and SO humid and I listened to Hamilton the entire time. They did not have A/C back then, so you know, same same.

Sunday: 4-mile run in Central Park. Compared to the brutal run on Saturday, running 4 miles in 80 degrees was sweaty but fine. Then I foam rolled.

The lovely folks at the Hamptons Marathon saw a photo I posted after running around Sag Harbor and they offered to jazz up my workout gear. They sent me and Matt these awesome tech Ts:

We’re actually doing the HALF marathon that weekend and saving ourselves for the NYC Marathon in November but I love our bright new shirts!

How was your week? Are you training for a fall race? 

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