13 signs you’re a Barry’s Bootcamp Addict

I took my first Barry’s Bootcamp class over three years ago.  Back then, there was no advance spot assignment, and class started with a mad dash toward the treadmills. Other than that, not much has changed. It’s still a brutally sweaty, efficient and diverse workout.

In the last six months or so, I’ve become a true Barry’s addict. Nary a week passes where I don’t go to at least two classes.  I’ve celebrated small Barry’s achievements (first covering 2 miles in a class and now covering at least 2.5 miles) and I have really grown to love stepping into their studios.

barry's bootcamp

If you’re a Barry’s addict like me, the following 13 things may ring true. Let me know in the comments if you have any to add or to second.

13 signs you’re a Barry’s addict.

1. You refer to it exclusively as “Barry’s” or sometimes just by the location. Example: “I’m going to Chelsea before work on Thursday” translates to “Abs day at the Barry’s Bootcamp Chelsea location followed by a mad rush for the showers.”

2. You know not to make plans directly following Barry’s because you will absolutely need to shower. This ain’t no dainty barre class.

barry's bootcamp
Chelsea Barry’s Bootcamp
3. You have a specific treadmill/floor spot preference that’s studio specific (my UES spot # is not my Chelsea #). This is why you sign up exactly at noon a week in advance of a class. Each treadmill spot is numbered and that number corresponds to a spot on the floor. In morning classes, I like to start on the floor, and in evening classes I prefer to hit the treadmill first. And when I say “prefer” I mean CARE DEEPLY. I also prefer to be away from a speaker and near a fan when on the treadmill. Ultimately though, I’ll take whatever spot is left if I love the instructor.

Barry's Bootcamp floorplan

4. When the instructor reads your sprint speed aloud you feel real pride, even though its only you who knows its your speed.

5. You stay in the class even with the AC is broken (which happens more often than it should) and just call it “Bikram Barry’s”

6. You love it when the instructor yells “same clock!” which means the floor and the treadmill are going to change activities at the same time. This makes things easier to follow and adds a little team spirit.

7. You follow your favorite instructors on social media. Sorry Patrick Frost and Rebecca Kennedy, but I know everything you’re doing and everything you ate.

8. You do not need those little cards they have at the front desk to know which day is abs day and which days is legs day (Thursday and Tuesday respectively), because obviously you already know. It never changes.

Barry's Bootcamp

9. You can go sideways on the treadmill without total fear (This took me about 20 classes to accomplish).

10. You pre-order your smoothie when you book your class because #efficiency.

11. When the instructor says you’ll be doing the “Dirty 30” today, you shudder. (“Dirty 30” means there will be no switching back and forth between floor and treadmill; it means you’ll do 30 minutes straight running and 30 minutes uninterrupted strength.)

barrys bootcamp
Upper East Side Barry’s Bootcamp
12. You stock up on classes during their once-yearly sale around Black Friday. Shelling out for a 50-class pack may feel overwhelming, but you’re saving major dinero in the end.

13. Any day you work out but don’t go to Barry’s feels like a rest day.

Barrys Bootcamp
UES Barry’s Bootcamp

Are you a Barry’s regular? Tell me more!


  1. Aaron Connelly
    September 19, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    Feel you on so many of these! Do you know how to get the treadmills above 12.5?? Some do, some don’t and it drives me crazy!

    • Nicole
      September 19, 2019 / 2:59 pm

      my goodness!! i can’t handle 12.5 let alone faster so I’ve never checked. im impressed!

  2. Aaron Connelly
    September 19, 2019 / 3:11 pm

    haha thanks! I am sure you kill it @ class. If you find anyone willing to share the secret, please let me know!!

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