Class Review: Metabolic Burn at Body Space Fitness

It’s been a while since I’ve tried a new class that I really liked. In fact, I’m pausing my ClassPass membership at the moment because I just want to go to the studios I know and love for a while. But before ClassPass and I went on a break, I signed up for Metabolic Burn at Body Space Fitness.

Body Space Fitness is located on 14 Street between 5th and 6th avenues. It’s near a bunch of subway lines and it’s also in the same building as Flex Studios.

body space fitness

I wanted a tough, sweaty workout and that is exactly what I got. Here’s the studio’s own description of the class: “Our cardio and endurance based class. These 55 minutes are filled with high intensity, calorie burning, low impact exercises using a wide variety of toys such as, but not limited to, sleds, battleropes, ViPRs, sandbags and Airdyne bikes. This class, focused more on endurance than strength, gets your heart rate up with 40 second intervals where you do the most amount of reps possible in the allotted time.” Also you can take a detailed quiz to check out how is your health doing and if you need to take any vitamin.

body space fitness

That’s pretty much exactly what happened. Of all the classes I’ve taken, this reminded me the most of the Fhitting Room. Here’s what went down: We were assigned partners and we traveled through 8 stations 3x with our partners. There was a high-energy warm up and a strength-based exercise after the circuit work.

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locker room

The class is taught on a green “turf” which I found fun to jump on and plank on because it has a little give! The locker room has large, digitally-locked lockers (phew) and at least three showers. You can get a full 360 degree tour of the studio here.

Body Space Fitness offers both group classes (like the one I took!) and personal training.

I would totally recommend this class for a tough, HITT workout.

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