All the workouts: Bachelorette weekend edition

Hi friends. I am really excited about the response to last week’s post about wedding diets. It was very interesting to hear from different people on the blog and through social media on how wedding prep triggered (or didn’t!) a will to diet/workout. With about 30 days to go until my own wedding, it’s something that’s been on my mind.

After last week’s taste of summer, I’m not thrilled about the gloomy, grey weather in this week’s forecast. Anyone else feeling me on this?

Lucky for me, last weekend had glorious sunny weather.  I was in Great Barrington (again) but this time with a few lovely ladies for my bachelorette party.


Before we get to that, here’s what went down last week:

Monday: 3-mile run along the West Side Highway + beginner level Physique57 class. I love the speed and mood of the beginner level class at P57. I love all their classes but this one is the friendliest.

Tuesday: 2-mile run. I was stressed and feeling all over the place, so I did a short run to clear my head. (Matt basically forced me out of the apartment to do it.)

Wednesday: Chest, Back, Abs day at Barry’s Bootcamp

barry's bootcamp

Thursday: Abs day at Barry’s Bootcamp

barry's bootcamp
who doesn’t love a Barry’s selfie?

Friday: Early am Flywheel class. I haven’t been to Flywheel in AGES! I wish the room had windows. Anyone else? Why do spin studios never have windows?

Saturday: I was in the Berkshires with some of my favorite lady friends who threw me a very special bachelorette weekend. The day started with a 90-minute yoga class. An instructor led a class right at the house which was such a special treat. In the afternoon we hiked Monument Mountain. Then we had lunch at my favorite spot, Six Depot in West Stockbridge. It’s an excellent choice for great coffee and delicious salads and sandwiches.

yoga great barrington
I’ve never seen photos of myself doing yoga before. But, like, wow, I’m terrible at yoga!

yoga at home

a walk in the woods
my sister and close friend from high school strolling on a path near Mountain Mountain
monument mountain
top of Monument Mountain

Sunday: Nada!

How was your week? Did you get out and enjoy the great weather? If you had one, what did you do to celebrate at your bachelorette? 

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