All the workouts: 5/8- 5/14

This Sunday, I marked another year around the sun and Cuckoolemon celebrated its third birthday. Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes on social media and IRL. If you have a child under six and s/he has not yet recorded a video singing “happy birthday,” I will still be accepting submissions until the end of the week. Those videos are my absolute favorite and I watch each of them minimum 10x with a huge smile on my face.

Matt and I were in the Berkshires over the weekend getting our marriage license (!!!!!) and Matt made a reservation at a lovely restaurant we’d never been to. We went to John Andrews Farmhouse in South Egremont, Massachusetts and I absolutely recommend it if you find yourself in the southern Berkshires with something to celebrate.

marriage license connecticut
this is not John Andrews Farmhouse. It’s the town clerk’s office where we got our marriage license.

Now without further ado, last week’s workouts:

Monday: Barry’s Bootcamp Arms and Abs taught by Patrick Frost. Patrick is a great instructor. He teaches a class that’s challenging but just doable enough that you hang on and get a great workout.
Tuesday: PT at Finish Line
Wednesday: Refine Method. I haven’t been in months and my favorite instructor Kailee didn’t let me forget it. 🙂
Thursday: Nada
Friday: 2 mile run to start the day

berkshire running
all hills, all the time.

Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: 2.5 mile hilly run in the Berkshires with Casey and Matt. I thought Casey (a 4-year old border terrier) would have trouble keeping up, but it was mostly just me who struggled on the steep hills.

border terrier
just for reference, this is the dog who is faster than me.


How was your week? How did/will you celebrate your birthday this year?


  1. Kelly
    May 16, 2017 / 10:45 am

    congrats on that marriage license! Can’t wait to celebrate!

  2. Nicole
    May 16, 2017 / 10:50 am

    YES!! Thank you. Can’t wait to see you.

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