All the workouts: That time I fell off a treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp

Happy Monday! So yes, I fell off a treadmill. And it looked something like this:


I’ll tell the full story below in this week’s recap. So without further ado, this week’s fitness replay:

Monday: Abs and Arms day at Barry’s Bootcamp (managed to stay largely upright during the first class of the week)

Tuesday: Didn’t work out

Wednesday: Didn’t work out

Thursday: early am Physique 57 class

Physique 57
pre-class selfie to celebrate being on-time

Friday: Barry’s Bootcamp, Full Body. So I fell, well flew really,  off the treadmill. I’ll share what happened but I hope it doesn’t dissuade you from trying out a class if you’re new. I know I’m still going to BB even after this.

So here’s what went down:

As a necessary background, everyone in a Barry’s Bootcamp class is split into two groups: one group starts on the treadmill and the other on the floor for strength training. The groups swap back and forth un unison throughout the class. If you’re in floor spot 11, you’re also on treadmill 11. Each time I swapped spots, the man on my treadmill dragged his feet; he was always the last of his entire group to get off the treadmill. During our last switch I found myself waiting to hop on the treadmill long after my whole group had already started.  It’s a fast-paced class so idling around is unexpected. When he finally got off the treadmill, I eagerly jumped right on since I wanted to catch up. And then flew right off.  As luck would have it, he left the treadmill ON! No one gets off a treadmill and leaves it running! It’s totally unsafe. You know, as demonstrated by what happened to me. I fell first on the moving treadmill and then onto the floor. Like a bloopers tape. My knee, hip and shoulder were pretty sore.  I ended up skipping out on the final 5 minutes of class.

I was a little bruised and definitely shell shocked, but a few days later, I’m back to normal.

Saturday: I spent the weekend in the Berkshires celebrating my pal Katy’s birthday. We started the day with some YouTube workouts first with the Tone It Up girls but not long later we switched to instructional dance videos which if you haven’t tried, are the absolute most fun. Mandy Jiroux does a great job teaching you the moves to the latest pop hits. There is SO much free fitness content on YouTube. You can use cans of beans as weights or buy 5 barbells and get such a great workout in your own living room for a cost of next to nothing.  Later that day, we went on a hike up Monument Mountain.

Monument Mountain
Casey the dog loves joining a group shot
monument mountain
photo by Hal Coopersmith

Sunday: We went on a four-mile walk around Alford, Massachusetts just before the day turned totally rainy.

How was your week? Any embarrassing fitness class stories to share? Leave them in the comments.


  1. healthyhappierbear
    May 8, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Been there done that! Bo fell flat on his face once in Barry’s and had a bruise to show for it. Hah

    • Nicole
      May 8, 2017 / 1:41 pm

      I wonder what percent of Barrys goers have fallen off!

    • Nicole
      May 8, 2017 / 1:41 pm

      also how did he fell off? just a mis-step?

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