All the workouts: 4/17 – 4/23

Good morning, friends. I had a really fun & busy weekend which actually made it feel long! I feel like the more I pack into a weekend, the longer it feels. Anyone else find that to be true? I evidently found time to do a lot of online shopping this weekend in between running around. My Monday started with an inbox full of emails with the subject “Your package has shipped!” Please pray for flattering fits and/or free returns.

How was your weekend?

Here’s what I got into last week:

soulycle rent

Monday: Nada.

Tuesday: Easy 2-mile run. I didn’t feel 100% but wanted to stretch my legs and it was such a beautiful day.

Wednesday: Early morning Barry’s Bootcamp class. It was chest, back and abs day, taught by Patrick Frost (GREAT instructor!) If I’m totally honest I still wasn’t feeling 100% so I slacked on the treadmill part.

Thursday: Post-work Barry’s Bootcamp. Thursday is abs day (maybe my favorite day).  The studio sent a very serious email to let us know that our instructor had changed last minute and offered us the opportunity to switch after the cancellation deadline. Great customer service, BB! I didn’t mind the change and so I took my first class with Ashley W.  She was awesome. Now I totally love her and want to follow her studio to studio. So this worked out jussssst fine. Also, I was finally feeling back to normal.

Friday: Didn’t work out

Saturday: I started the morning by going to the Science March.

science march

science march

Then, back at my apartment, I did a 10 minute arms video I found on YouTube. I keep free weights in the house and this is such a great way to squeeze in a little something something.

In the afternoon I went to Rent-themed SoulCycle class with my whole family (sister, mom, dad + Matt) to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Jill (my sister) loves theme rides and this one in particular was an absolute blast. For those familiar with the show, the instructor, Ryan,  dressed up as Angel, heels included. I sang at the top of my lungs for 45 mins and left completely drenched in sweat. For those wondering, the arms section was to La Vie Boheme and was hysterical and tough. It was such a good time, and a VERY funny first SoulCycle experience for my dad (who is a gym rat and was a little shy about having to pick up such tiny weights).

soulycle rent

Sunday: I took another fabulous class at the UWS Fhitting Room. I love the smart circuit workouts. Somehow though (and I don’t blame the Fhitting Room) I really tweaked my left hip. It had been slightly bothering me on Saturday but it got so bad that I couldn’t walk without pain by Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure what I did, but I really hope it goes away soon.

Last, the NYT put together this awesome instructional (videos!) 9-minute strength workout. I am definitely going to try it.

What’s shaking with you?

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