All the workouts: Nice to meet you, Morningside Park

Hi friends! How is your week going? You look so nice today!

I spent so much of last week feeling so sore. I went to Barry’s 2x and the Fhitting Room once but I think it was the physical therapy session at Finish Line that really did me in. I guess I haven’t done a squat in years.

You guys know I’m a fan of the nutrition blog Summer Tomato. I stumbled upon this older post on breaking your good habits called, “The I Just Don’t Feel Like It” Fallacy. In it, Darya talks about thinking through the real reason you’re breaking a habit that’s helped you meet a goal in the past. She just gets me.

One of my favorite running bloggers, the Great Britain-based Charlotte, ran the Boston Marathon last weekend. Her recap is sure to make you smile, so I wanted to share it.

In less impressive athletic endeavors, here’s last week’s workout rundown:  

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Physique 57, you know, the usual.

Wednesday: Barry’s Bootcamp, Chest, Back & Abs taught by Mike E. This was FAB!

Thursday: PT session at Finish Line.  Lots of squats. I was so sore for days after this. Evidently have not used my glute muscles in many moons.

Friday: Barry’s Bootcamp Full Body. Oh gosh. This was painful. I was still so sore from PT that this class felt impossible.

Saturday: I didn’t workout but I did walk 10 miles over the course of the day, according to the iPhone heath app. We had beautiful weather in NYC and I wanted to take advantage.

Fhitting Room UWS
You can see Matthew being an Instagram boyfriend in this reflection so I can take a #willrunforjuice pic

Sunday: Matt and I took a class at the new Fhitting Room location on the UWS (on Columbus between West 88 and 89), followed by another super-long walk. I went to Morningside Park for the first time and was totally enamored. They have a fitness circuit and a short running path, neither of which I used.

Morningside Park
beautiful Morningside Park

workout Morningside Park


How was your week? Any other secret city places I need to know about, New Yorkers? Anyone run Boston?

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