All the workouts: Trying new classes + Western States love

Hi ladies and gents. If you’re observing Passover, first good luck! Second, check out these healthy recipes that are all Passover-friendly.

Last week was all about not running so damn much now that the Cherry Blossom race is over. So instead of running, I watched a documentary about an ultra-marathon and felt totally inspired. (Video at the bottom of this post!)

Here’s what went down last week:

Monday: The Cherry Blossom race left my legs feeling super tight so I went to Finish Line PT and used the Normatec recovery system. It felt so good.

Tuesday: Morning Physique 57 class. My quads were still pretty sore from the race, so the leg work was almost a bust but the abs and arms part was fab.

Wednesday: I had an appointment with Dr. Kiberd, Founder of the Urban Wellness Clinic, a premier wellness center in midtown Manhattan. I’m going to tell you all about this soon.
Thursday: Barry’s Bootcamp, Abs Day. Always great.

Friday: Pop Pilates at a new-to-me studio called The Fit Co. Recently, I’ve had strange experiences at smaller studios like this one. This class is taught in the back of a chiropractor’s office. The room itself was great and had floor-to-ceiling windows. I arrived at 7:40am for a 7:45am class, and the elevator was locked and no one answered when I called the studio’s phone. In fact, the phone number listed was for a person (I assume the owner) not the studio, so I was a bit confused. The instructor did show up in the nick of time and taught a great class. But when I wanted to change for work, I had to do so in a broom closet since there is no true changing room.

The Fit. Co
Saturday: 4-mile hike at Harvey Mountain in the Berkshires

Sunday: 4-mile struggle bus run on my usual route in Great Barrington

great barrington run

So yes, THIS! I watched this documentary on the Western States 100-mile endurance run and I cannot get it out of my mind! This film follows the top performing women in the race and it’s incredibly inspiring and flat out impressive.

How was your week?

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