All the workouts: Spring Skiing + Red Rocks Edition

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for the Insta-love while I was in Colorado. As a life-long East Coaster, I must admit mountain-living really suits me. There might be less oxygen up but there is an abundance of heart. I walked into a juice/oat shop in Denver (yup, that’s a thing, hi friends at ProsperOats), and as I waited for them to mix up my juice, I joined a conversation that EVERYONE in the shop was having. I left knowing each patrons’ plans for the rest of the day (obviously they were all going to go exercise/be outside/plant something).

Now I’m back in NYC growling at everyone on the subway and walking with my neck craned into my phone’s screen to avoid unsanctioned human interaction.

Here’s what happened last week in the Centennial state.

After two nights in Denver, we drove West on I70 toward the mountains. The weather was pretty warm which was nice because it meant less bundling up but it also left the snow a bit smushy and tougher to navigate on skis. We hopped between two different mountains, Vail and Beaver Creek. Like many of the big resorts, they are owned by the large Vail Resorts company so a single pass grants you access to both Vail and BC.  We buy the Epic Pass (which I recommend, it’s a very popular move) in advance to save a few buckaroos. Skiing is not cheap. So if you’re planning a ski trip out West, I highly recommend purchasing this for flexibility/pricing.

Also, I only have one ski jacket, helmet and pants. So you know, one outfit. So get ready for lots of photos that look EXACTLY the same.

epic pass

Monday: A few runs (ski runs) at Vail Resorts. Matt skied with me in the morning for a bit and then left me for steeper pastures. Vail is massive. I find it a little overwhelming. There is so much traversing if you don’t know the mountain well (which I clearly do not!). I’m also only an intermediate skier, so I have to be careful not to end up somewhere too tricky (like the entire backside of the mountain).


Tuesday: We skied at Beaver Creek. BC’s motto is “Not exactly roughing it.”  And yes, it’s very luxe. The base is more of a place to buy art than hand warmers. But I love it here. The free 3pm chocolate chip cookies don’t hurt, and yes it’s a gorgeous piece of the world from top to bottom. But why I am so smitten is BC’s ample skiable terrain at my level.  Skill wise, if you like to ski blues, this is a great place to go. The mountain has three bases and each of them offer wide, long, groomed blue runs. (I also hear there is a lot of super steep, ungroomed stuff here but I’m not there.)

Wednesday: I can only ski so many days in a row! So Wednesday, I did 4.5 mile run in Edwards, Colorado (where we stay) and took a fabulous yoga class with Katy at Mountain Soul Yoga. This studio has incredible floor-to-ceiling windows that afford you mountain views when you’re in down dog. After my run, the actual yoga felt impossible. When instructed to touch the floor, I aimed for my knees and hoped for the best.
Mountain soul yoga


Thursday: I took a class at Pure Barre Vail Valley. It’s such a different scene compared to a NYC Pure Barre class. Everyone knows each other. There is so much socializing before and after class. My cold dark New York ears could barely hear the reception woman over all the happy giggling.

Friday: I took a half-day lesson at Beaver Creek. The lesson was only OKAY. It’s such a grab bag based on the instructor’s style jiving with mine and the lessons are so pricey that it kinda stinks when it’s not amazing. I still took away some helpful tips though.

Beaver Creek Lesson

Matt thinks its very weird but I love to take a photo with the mountain photographer. Even if I’m by myself.

Beaver Creek

Saturday: Another day skiing at Beaver Creek. I skied my first black runs! I wish I could go back in time and tell 2015 Nicole about this day. She would be so impressed.

black runs Beaver Creek

black diamond beaver creek
Sunday: Katy, Jon, Matt and I left the mountains and spent the last day of our trip in Denver. Save for Matt, none of us had been to Red Rocks, and I REALLY wanted to go. Red Rocks is a concert venue cut into giant, natural red rock formations. It’s also a fitness Mecca for Denver locals. People use the stadium seating to run up and down, do jumps, push ups and more. There are also short hikes that leave from the amphitheater and the surrounding areas. The four of us did some calisthenics in the theater, and then went on a short hike near the bottom of the venue.

And in case you didn’t already know, Red Rocks is absolutely gorgeous.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks

How was your week? What did I miss? Has anyone been to Colorado? Favorite spots? Tell me more!

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    • Nicole
      March 29, 2017 / 8:33 am

      Yeah!! Have you done a workout there?

      • March 29, 2017 / 12:14 pm

        No, the time didn’t work out but the view is always amazing.

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