All the workouts: Cycle for Survival Edition

Happy Monday, guys! If you live on the east coast are you preparing for the blizzard that’s coming our way? How do you ready yourself? Do you have a go-to storm shopping list? I’m already stir crazy just thinking about the weather. I was going to bear witness to the madness at my local Whole Foods, but Matt assures me we can walk to Shun Lee in case of emergency.

New Yorkers: Do you order in during a storm? It’s a city-dwellers ethical dilemma.

Last week was a great one and it ended with my first-ever Cycle for Survival experience.

Here’s what happened!

Monday: Didn’t work out (some people say #NeverMissaMonday, I always miss Mondays)
Tuesday: Early morning Refine Method class
Wednesday: 4-mile run in Central Park before work. I’ve been slowing down to avoid stopping and it’s been working. After work I went to “Rest Yoga” at ANYA (a studio in NoMad) which is like a guided nap time restorative yoga class. The studio was lovely and I’ll definitely return.

Thursday: Abs day at Barry’s Bootcamp. The instructor had us run at an incline of 14 on the treadmill. I thought I was going to fall off.
Friday: Didn’t work out
Saturday: 8-mile run on Riverside Drive with my friend Caroline. We are both training for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. (Read last year’s recap!) The real challenge was the terrible weather. Saturday was cold and incredibly windy. When we finished, I was so happy to get inside. For some reason I always seem to discount the hills on Riverside Drive. I guess I just love that run because it’s still new to me.
Sunday: I participated in Cycle for Survival for the first time and OH-MY-GOSH it was so much fun. Cycle for Survival is a high-energy indoor cycle fundraising event to raise awareness and money to to fund rare cancer research. I participated in two 50-minute spin sessions and danced around/cheered for the other two hours I was there. My legs were beat by the end. I was thrilled to be a part of the feel-good party and hope to join again next year. Thank you SO much to everyone who donated!

Cycle for Survival at Equinox Bryant Park
Cycle for Survival at Equinox Bryant Park (Thanks for the photo, Katy.)


How was your week? Are you hibernating because of the weather?

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