All the workouts: February Fitness Edition

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did anyone else get stuck in Saturday’s torrential downpour? I sure did.

Also, help a sister out: Is anyone registered to run the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon this August? I was thinking of signing up and TOTALLY blanked and now of course it’s long sold out. Anyone have a bib (or two bibs) they’d like to offload?

One more thing, you know, while you’re here. I have entry to the NYC Marathon this November. (AHHH!) I’m already nervous! Does anyone have a first-timers marathon training plan to recommend? SEND IT MY WAY!

Here is a review of this week’s workouts:

Monday: Didn’t workout
Tuesday: Did some PT exercises in my apartment
Wednesday: Didn’t work out
Thursday: 4.3 mile run in DC

running in washington dc
I love running around the monuments in DC. Here was my 4.3 mile route.

washington monument
never too early for a selfie

Friday: Back home in NYC, I ran 5.8 mile along the West Side Highway before work. Unclear why I am running random distances these days.This run was harder than I thought it would be.
Saturday: Took a 60-minute FREE yoga class at the Lululemon on 75th and Broadway. It was taught by a Lyons Den instructor, so no surprise, I liked it. (There are tons of free classes care of Lululemon and other shops, check this out for details.)

Free yoga at Lululemon

Not fitness related, but Saturday night I saw a musical on Broadway called IN TRANSIT and it was a ton of fun. I’d totally recommend if you like contemporary-set, politically-relevant musicals.

Sunday: Earlier this week, I saw  on Instagram that Brooke Mullen was hosting a #FITWITHBAE event. The cost was for $20 and every participant would get free Sweaty Betty leggings. I eagerly signed up. (The class was so popular both sessions sold out in minutes.) The class was held at CrossFit Union Square and was fabulous. The workout was challenging but doable and the vibe was super positive. The women on all sides of me were working their butts and smiling and cheering each other on at the same time. I was very grateful for the experience. Also my new leggings are soft and wonderful.


How was your week? Did you try anything new? Do you have a SeaWheeze bib for me? Or a newbie marathon training plan to recommend?


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