All the workouts: 2/6- 2/12 Too much working out

Happy Thursday! How was your week? Just looking at last week’s recap make me tired. There was so much I wanted to do and I wore myself out doing it.

Here’s what I got into: 

Monday: Barry’s Bootcamp (arms and abs day with Patrick Frost)

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: 4-mile morning run in Central Park

beautiful morning run around the reservoir
beautiful morning run around the reservoir

Thursday: Pure Barre class

Friday: 45-minute sculpt class at Uplift

Saturday: Refine Method (I forgot how hard this class is)

Sunday: 60-minute “Distance” class at Mile High Run Club. I ran 5.5 miles. (I wrote a play by play of the experience here.)


Charlie Watson of The Runner Beans shared this on Facebook. It cracked me up and I wanted to share:

“Maybe the sickest thing about the whole idea of running is when you sign up for an organized run, like an ultramarathon, and in order to run 50 or 62 or 100 miles in one day, you basically have to spend about six months running all the time just so you can run that far in one day. You get to the finish line of a 50-mile race and people are like, “Congratulations, you just ran 50 miles.” And you’re like, “Fuck that, I just ran 750 miles—you just saw the last 50. Anyway, let’s go get a pizza.” And then you hate yourself and make strange noises every time you stand up from a seated position for about five days and then you start thinking, “That race was so fun, I should do that again soon.” Sometimes I like to say, “I’ve done dumber things for worse reasons.”

Read the whole thing here.

How was your week? What did ya do? Any plans for the long weekend (if you have one?)

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