A beautiful winter hike in Race Brook Falls

Donald Trump is making me incredibly anxious and pissed off. I am in the Berkshires this weekend doing wedding stuff so I wasn’t able to join any of the incredible protests that happened this weekend. (Though I did donate to the ACLU, and if you can afford to I encourage you to do the same. The ACLU is working hard to protect the core fundamental rights we as Americans have come to expect. In less than two weeks in office, Trump is seriously threatening these rights with his flurry of Executive Orders.)

For me, getting into the woods is a healthy, relaxing way to temporarily regain sanity, and that’s exactly what I did for a few hours this morning. I needed a break from inhaling Twitter and MSNBC.

black bears
I’ve seen plenty of Disney movies, so I assume I’ll be fine.

We drove to Race Brook Falls in Sheffield, MA.

Race Brook Falls

When you get to the trail head right off Route 41, you walk for a bit then are presented with a few options, including a link to the Appalachian Trail.

We started toward Upper Falls. The trail was steep and icy. The scenery was incredibly serene. The snow was stark white and the sky was finally blue after days of clouds. We crossed a few streams and continued up. After a few slips and falls we decided it was far too icy to continue. My ankle just can’t be trusted and we weren’t prepared for an ice walk. (Should I invest in Yax Trax?)

race brook falls

Casey (Matt’s parents’ dog who often accompanies us on trips to Great Barrington) is typically a skilled hiker. Four legs and a low center of gravity will help you there. But she was a little hesitant on the river crossings because she kept slipping and sliding on the ice.

race brook falls
a hesitant pup

We headed half-way down and re-routed to the Lower Falls, which had been more trafficked (though we only saw one other person the whole time we were there) so the ice had turned into slush and we were able to walk. This was much better for my ankle and piece of mind than Upper Falls. Hey, Upper Falls, I’ll see you this summer.

sheffield MA

The falls were incredible. The sound of rushing water competed with no other noise and it felt like a pristine oasis, a great reward after a pretty accessible hike.

Race Brook Falls

I’d love to go back in other seasons and experience the falls without the snow.

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