I tried SURFSET NYC (it was awesome)

Fresh off surf lessons in Sayulita, Mexico (which I’ll write about at some point, maybe) Matt and I were back in snow-dumped NYC and looking for a workout. Matt joined ClassPass because of a great promotion they have right now, you can take advantage of the ClassPass deal, too!

I’ve been wanting to try SURFSET (which has two locations at different studios on ClassPass!) for a while and I knew the pump was primed to get Matt go with me.


What is SURFSET?
Maybe you saw them on SharkTank! If not, SURFSET is a fitness class taught almost entirely on a surfboard resting on three-round balls, creating an unstable surface for your workout. The tool is called the “RipSurfer X.” The class concept is based on working the core muscles worked when you surf. This is for sure a reference to the ever-coveted “surfer body.”  The studio has a beach-y feel, including a screen showing incredible surf clips while the audio system plays classic Beach Boys tunes.

SURFSET NYC (spot the photographer!)

SURFSET in their own words, “The SURFSET® workout method is a fitness program inspired by the sport of Surfing. SURFSET® is the world’s most unique workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle build, and balance & core training in one 45 minute routine on top of a custom made unstable surfboard.”

We signed up for a class at the studio on East 4th. We walked in, looked around and were totally excited. They’ve done a great job with the studio, choosing wave-looking yoga mats and decorating with a total beach vibe. We were excited to jump on the boards. We took a beginner/intermediate level class and it was absolutely challenging. Planks, squats, push ups, one-legged balance moves all on a very unstable platform are really tough and I felt my abs shaking.The balance and stability work was great for my ankle. There was also a cardio element to the class with squat jumps, jumping jacks and some work traveling around the room.


There was lots of ways to modify or advance moves.  The class had some definite pros in it. But it also had me. And we all got a great workout at our appropriate levels.

The instructor was fantastic, and looked like a total fit surfer. He learned our names through a little cheat sheet, which contributed to a friendly atmosphere.

The studio also offers yoga on the RipSurfers, which I bet is an incredibly challenging way to do a sun salutation. I’d love to try that next.

Surfset NYC
Do not wear a wetsuit to this class.

As the class progressed, I saw my balance improve and my command of the board increase.

Did I like it. YES! I’ll definitely be back. I wonder: How many classes until I look like Blake Lively in the Shallows? (Basically Blake at any point in the movie would be fine.)

Worth noting, the studio is small. There is no waiting room; so if you get there early, you’ll be walking directly into the class room. There is a bathroom but no showers.

Do you surf? Have you tried anything like this?

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