I completed the Refine Method Take 2 challenge

In earlyish October, I wrote about a bunch of fitness challenges happening at NYC studios. I knew I wanted to try one one, and I decided to go with Refine Method’s Take 2. Basically I took two Refine classes a week and received a discounted rate on classes.

Here’s what I thought:

CON (None of these things are Refine Method’s fault)

  • This challenge took place during prime holiday eating season, so I definitely don’t think I look any different. Any fitness gain was well matched with an extra cookie. I was hoping to end up looking well, more Refined.
  • With my travel schedule, sometimes making two classes each week was tough.
    The only time I could really make a class was 7am on a weekday (I was out of town every weekend in December and the post-work class times weren’t a great fit for me.) 7am is really early and the sun isn’t out yet this time of year.
  • Remember Muffins Cafe? The coffee shop near Refine Method mentioned here? After coming here every day after class, I finally noticed they received a “C” rating from the NYC Health monitor. I do not recommend you look up why. This, I suppose, is not Refine Method’s fault, but I don’t know that I would have otherwise realized it if Refine didn’t bring me to Muffins so frequently.


  • I think I got stronger
  • I learned better form for so many of the popular moves (like a deadlift)
  • I loved certain instructors and it was fun to develop relationships with them
  • I think I became a morning person. (See: taking many 7am classes which meant getting up at 6:25am)
  • I saved money by lowering my Classpass membership to 3x/month
  • I am proud of myself for completing it!



  • Pair this regimented fitness with regimented eating
  • Pick a less busy-time in my life to participate

In general, I really liked this experience. I might do the next challenge (starting next week!) as well. But maybe I’d only commit to one class a week (which would mean buying all the classes at once).

Have you tried Refine? Or any other fitness challenge? How did it go?

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