Class Review: [Solidcore] the Michelle Obama workout

UPDATE: [Solidcore] informed me that their machines are not megaformers but patented  [solidcore] machines. (But they do look very similar to megaformers, if that’s what you’re familiar with!) I visited their website to get the 411 on these pretty ladies.

Michelle Obama’s Arms (all caps because they’re a proper noun in my heart) are enviable. I remember reading that was was a regular at a DC-based studio called [solidcore] and my interest was piqued. [Solidcore] has studio locations in Philly, the DC area and Atlanta.

solidcore philadelphia
[solidcore] philadelphia
I tried to take a class on my many work trips to the nation’s capital, but as luck would have it, the studio was always booked. I was in Philadelphia for work Thursday to Saturday last week before heading to DC for a Saturday night wedding and found myself with a little time before my train. [Solidcore] has a studio in Center City, Philly and I snagged one of the few remaining spots in a morning class. (You know something is going to be good when its nearly booked solid at 8:30am on a weekend.)

[solidcore] on Chestnut Street in Philly
[solidcore] on Chestnut Street in Philly
[Solidcore]’s workout takes place on a contraption very similar to the megaformer. I don’t have the best history with megaformers as you may recall from my embarrassing SLT experience.

(Sidebar: SLT cost $40 smackaroos and has no new student specials. [Solidcore]’s newbie deal was only $18 and a regular-priced class is $32.)

[Solidcore]’s Center City studio was small but fashionable. They didn’t have a locker room but everyone seems cool with shoving their belongings into a drawer under a bench in the waiting area, so I did too. (And it was totally fine.)

the [solidcore] studio
the [solidcore] studio
The class was 50 minutes long (I love any class shorter than an hour). The instructor was friendly in an easy and lovely “I’m not from New York” way.

Working on a megaformer is very tough and no matter what the move, you’re always using your abs in some sort of way. We spent more time on obliques then I have ever done in a class. We held side planks on the machines and made small painful motions to challenge our stability. We also did tons of lunges and squats making my butt severely sore the next day.

Unlike at SLT, the machines at [solidcore] had clear markings on them, so the instructor was able to direct us to move in distinct amounts which I felt was useful.

party lights at [solidcore]
party lights at [solidcore]
The class did not fly by, but it didn’t drag either. I actually sweat which is rare for a pilates or barre class. It’s been a few days and my abs are still feeling it. If I lived near a studio, I’d totally go back (but I’d be a little nervous because wow am I sore).

The bathroom in [solidcore] had a giant permanent market and people had tagged the floor. I decided to leave a little Cuckoo love behind.

tagging [solidcore]
Do you like megaformer classes? Have you tried [solidcore]?

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