All the workouts 11/14 -11/20

Is it Thanksgiving yet? No? Okay.  I am just binge eating for sport in that case.

Song of the week:212” by Azealia Banks ft  Lazy Jay. This is one of my favorite running songs and it is 0% safe for work.

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: Nothing. I made a $25 donation to Refine Method by paying and being too tired/lazy to show up to class. You’ll see this is a trend in this post.

bitmoji nicole
What if my bitmoii self is my best self?

Tuesday: Refine Method

Wednesday: A speedy (for me) 4.2-mile run in Central Park. I ran after work so it was very dark. I felt totally safe on the Park Drive (aka the main road in the park) but when I had to cut across to get from East to West (and I do so above the fields on the Great Lawn) it wasn’t great. There is nearly no light in that area of the park and only the occasional other person. I wouldn’t recommend it. Next time I will do an out and back and run on the main Park Drive the entire time. (Some tips for running in the dark here!)

Thursday: Nothing. I overslept but this time I did try to go to Refine Method.  But I got there 15 minutes late. They didn’t let me in 🙁 I respect it though.

November Project NYC
November Project near the Met

Friday: November Project. The meeting spot was the Met Museum but we ended up in Central Park. Matt and I  went to an Ingrid Michaelson concert the night before so the early wake up call was pretty brutal. But I never regret going to November Project.

running home from November Project
first light in Central Park
just after sunrise in Central Park

Saturday: Matt and I went for a hike near Bear Mountain with friends Aman and Steph. I say this all of the time, but I love getting out of the city on the weekend. Our trail was not highly trafficked and we had views of the Hudson nearly the entire time. It was, however, very steep, but we’re into that kind of thing.

We did the Timp Torne trail.

hiking near Bear Mountain

Sunday: Ran a 4-mile race called Race to Deliver in Central Park. Check out the recap!

How was your weekend? What are you doing for Thanksgiving? (I’m headed to Syosset Wednesday night and Thursday morning to spend time with my family, then headed to New Jersey  later on Thursday to join up with Matt’s family.)

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