All the workouts 11/7 -11/13

How is everyone doing? If you’re not feeling so hot, check out this post from earlier in the week. I’m sending good feelings and virtual hugs your way.

Now, on the workout front: Usually I like to alternate types of exercises (example: not run 3 days in a row!)  but it didn’t work out that way because I had to travel mid-week. So I front-loaded the week with Refine Method to make sure I met my 2x week commitment. I enjoyed it, actually. #AllTheRefineMethod

I also ran 13 miles this weekend, which is not a lot for me in general, but big number for me right now, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Song of the week:Wake me up before you go-go” by Wham! (Yea; this song makes me really happy.)

Here’s what went down:

Monday: Refine Method

Tuesday: Refine Method

Wednesday: Nada

Thursday:  1-mile run on hotel treadmill and some arm exercises

hotel gym
Can you find me “where’s waldo?” style in this photo?

Friday: 4-mile hilly run

Saturday: 2-mile easy hike along the NY/Mass border followed by a 5-mile hilly run in Great Barrington. Running in the Berkshires is tough. It’s impossible to find a run that doesn’t involve major inclines.

hills for breakfast

Sunday: 4-mile, mostly downhill run. We ran from Matt’s family’s house to the town of Great Barrington (where we met friends for lunch and got a ride home). I’d never done that specific run before and save for one major uphill, the run is largely downhill, making it a ton of fun. I ended the run at Fuel Coffee Shop (a place I love!) which was a special treat. Before heading out on the run I did some ab work with Matt’s parents.

post-run selfie in Great Barrington
ab work with the almost in-laws
ab work with the almost in-laws


How was your week? Do you organize your week’s workouts in any specific way?

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