All the workouts: 10/31 -11/6

I wrote this last week, before the election. Put more finely, before the election broke my heart and left me shocked and scared.

This post seems more trite than usual now. But I am not sure it makes sense to  go completely dark because of the election’s outcome when admittedly this blog has nothing to do with politics. The upbeat tone of this post doesn’t match my mood today. But maybe it will encourage positive feelings soon. I know I can’t and won’t feel sad forever.


Hi everyone!  As expected last weekend’s NYC marathon has given me running fever.

When I got home from spectating my pal Camilla on Sunday, I started immediately googling local races to sign up for. Then Matt reminded me I was ALREADY running in two races in the next two weeks already (The Race to Deliver in Central Park and a Turkey Trot with my family in Long Island on Thanksgiving). Perhaps I should focus more on training and less on purchasing entry to more races?

If any of you ran the marathon I would LOVE to hear your story! Let me know in the comments please. 

OR if you’re inspired by the marathon to start running, check out this list of free run clubs in Manhattan.

Song of the week: “If you want to sing out, sing out” by Cat Stevens

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: Refine Method (Week 2 of the Refine Challenge is complete and I am still loving it!)

Tuesday: Nada

Central Park (near Tavern on the Green) the week before the marathon

Wednesday: 2 easy miles. I landed in NYC after a quick flight from DC and decided to stretch my legs. Central Park was in full marathon-mode with local groups running their final pre-race shakeout run. The park was packed.

Thursday: Refine Method

Friday: Mat57 at Physique 57. I don’t know if this class is harder than the regular format or if Adrianna just doesn’t let you slack

Saturday: I ran a little over 5 miles. My office ran the Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K. I ran 2 miles to the race and 3.3 miles during the race (lots of zig-zagging!). This is one of my favorite runs of the year, since they close off part of 6th Avenue and part of 42nd street and you get to run in carless- streets instead of the park.

Dash to the Finish 5K
pre-race selfie
teaching my coworker the art of the pre + post race selfie

Sunday: I walked 6.6 miles around the city spectating the NYC marathon, but didn’t otherwise work out.

high-fiving Camilla in the NYC Marathon

Also, Thoroughly Reviewed named Cuckoolemon one of the top 25 fitness blogs around the world! Thank you so much, TR!!

How was your week?

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