All the workouts: 9/26 – 10/2

Hi Ladies and Gents! I am still waiting on my new orthotics so I didn’t go running at all this week. But thanks to ClassPass, I kept busy on the workout front. I also have a Refine Method package and a Barry’s package, for those wondering.  I currently have the 10 class per month ClassPass membership.  I tend to go over 10 classes a month when I’m in town a lot of the month, even more so when I’m not running.

Here’s what went down:

Monday:  Physique 57 class in the am. This already feels so long ago that I don’t remember it.

Tuesday: Flywheel taught by Lissa Smith. I always hit my highest scores with this instructor. Randomly my newish friend Anna was assigned the bike next to me! Had no idea she would be there at all. Small (wonderful) world!

Hi, Anna.

Wednesday: Nalini Method. So. Hard. Always.

Thursday: Back to Flywheel in the early am because I forgot to cancel before the deadline. I was so sore and didn’t work so hard here, if we’re being honest. But you know, I sweat so better than not?

morning person
despite all of these am workouts, i still want to stay in bed most (every?) morning. [image found on the internet, everywhere hard to source]


Saturday: Refine Method. This class is so challenging always. We did approximately 30 minutes of squats. I was wobbling the next two days.

Sunday: I went to the awesome Dare to Bare event in Union Square. I took a Lyons Den Power Yoga class and a SoulCycle class. FABULOUS.

All in all this was one of my fiercer weeks and I’m feeling pretty happy with it. My new orthotics should be ready soon and I am itching to go for a run.

How was your week?

PS Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Nicole are about to meet. I hope everyone stays safe in the weather events named after me and my roommate/husband-elect/ex-boyfriend.

tropical storm nicole and hurricane matthew

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