Martha’s Vineyard and my brief fitness hiatus

There is some real absentee blogger shit happening here.

Sorry guys. I had a crazy week. But I wanted to pop in to give a little update.

First, I lost my sneakers and with them my custom orthotics. I took an early morning class at the new Barry’s Bootcamp location (27th and Park). The class is hard but the real barbaric stuff happens in the locker room. After class, I raced to the locker room to shower.  I kicked off my shoes and put them under the sinks to quickly get in line for the showers (because there is always a line, even if it’s a brand new studio with 6 showers).

I showered, got ready for work and left without remembering to grab my running sneakers. About 12 hours later, Matt and I were loading the car and heading to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend to attend a wedding and I realized I didn’t have my kicks. I frantically called Barry’s PAS (Park Ave South, learn the lingo bra) but no one answered. By calling all the other locations I learned that PAS as closed for a private event. Matt and I took a chance and drove an hour out of the way  (before an already long drive) to hope my sneakers could easily be scooped, but when I got to PAS, my sneakers weren’t there.

How pretty is Martha’s Vineyard though?


I stopped by the PAS studio again this week, and no luck finding my sneakers. Soooo someone stole my sneakers?  I’m pretty bummed because a)the Asics I wear (GT 2000-3) aren’t made anymore. So I order them in bulk off the internet and they aren’t super easy to find b)my custom orthotics are pricey!

Then, I got sick. I had some sort of terrible virus Monday and Tuesday that left me with a bad headache and stomach issues. I’m better now, but still a little weak. The doctor suggested me that I inhale steam three times a day and venture out only with a face shield with glasses.

So yea, I haven’t worked out this week save for a Physique 57 class I walked out of to avoid throwing up on their famous blue carpet.

But here is what I did last week!
September 12- 18

Monday: From the plane to Barry’s Bootcamp. Arms and Abs class and it was fabulous. The class was half full so we moved from treadmills to floor altogether.

Tuesday: Nalini Method. I’ve said it before but this class is such a secret gem. I am ALWAYS sore after this class. Rupa (the creator and my favorite instructor here) does this thing she calls “fancy reps” where you basically do whatever you were just doing at three different speeds. It is killer.

Wednesday: I went for a pretty lovely 4-mile run on the West Side Highway. It was super windy.

Thursday: I took an abs class at the new Barry’s at 27th and Park, but yea, you know this already. Rebecca Kennedy taught and she had us do 30 minutes of abs straight and 30 minutes of running straight, not the usually Barry’s method of on/of/on/off. I’m still not sure if I liked it because I’m clouded by what happened to my sneakers.

riding your bike to wedding events is the best
riding your bike to wedding events is the best

Friday-Sunday: I was on Martha’s Vineyard and didn’t do any formal workouts because I didn’t have my sneakers, weights or wifi to do an online workout. We did rent bikes for the weekend and I rode my bike as much as I could. Which was a total blast.

I need to get new orthotics made, which means I can’t run the Bronx Ten Miler this weekend. I already dropped from the Hamptons Half to the 5K, so if I can get orthotics made in time, hopefully I’ll be able to run that.

How’s you?

PS Reebok emailed me about something pretty cool happening this weekend, so I wanted to share it (they didn’t pay me to share it, I just think it could be fun!). Let me know if you participate:

 This Saturday, people from New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta and Los Angeles who follow the @Reebok Instagram channel will be told the location of a marker hidden within their city.

Those who know the marker’s location will need to run to the spot, take a selfie and post it on their social channels with the hashtag #ZPS, it’s that simple. Reebok will reward lucky runners with a brand new pair of Reebok ZPrint 3D trainers for future city runs.


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