All the workouts 8/15- 8/21

Oh hello. I’m back with a weekly workout recap.

One thing I’ve noticed that helps when I’m really not enjoying a run, or haven’t been enjoying runs in a while, is slowing down. Running slowly, to put it plainly, is just easier. I find that when I stop pushing the pace, I can relax into the run and run for longer. Eventually I re-learn to love a faster pace, but slowing down helps me get back to a happy place with running.

What do you do when running isn’t coming easy?

Here’s what went down last week:

Monday: I took a Core Fusion Express class at the Gramercy Exhale location. I had subway issues and arrived 10 minutes late for a 45 minute class. Whoops. I wanted to go to Lululemon’s run club after work, but I left my sneakers under my desk.

Tuesday: Morning Peloton spin class. It was awesome. I also had PT, which is a ton of glute work. The line for the shower at Peloton after class is out of hand.

Wednesday: I ran 2 miles, I meant to run more, but got a late start. Something is better than nothing.

Thursday: Morning Fhitting Room with Dara (a fabulous instructor) + 3 mile run after work

Friday: Nada


Saturday: Hilly 5-mile run in the Berkshires. I haven’t run 5 miles since June so I was pretty happy with this run even if I had to stop a few times on a major hill.

berkshire run
I basically ran down a hill, then back up it

Sunday: Strength class at Uplift. We did jumping jacks while holding weights, so I’m feeling good about this.

How was your week?


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