I tried the Tracy Anderson Method in East Hampton

Tracy Anderson is the fitness trainer to many a glamorous gal.  It’s well know that Gwyneth Paltrow is a client, but the list doesn’t end there. J. Lo, Lena Dunham and Kim Kardashian are all in on the action too.

As a fitness fan girl, I wanted to try her program for a long time. TA (as she is referred to) has a few Hamptons outposts, a Tribeca spot and a studio in London. A few weeks ago, my friend Katy and I signed up for her “TAVA” class at the East Hampton location. It’s conveniently located right in town.

TAVA is a cardio dance class, but its low impact, so there isn’t as much jumping as you might expect.

Let’s start with the basics. The class cost $45 + tax. This is $11 more than Barry’s Bootcamp ( NYC pricing, and still $5 more than Barry’s Hamptons rate) and $9 more than Physique 57. So it wasn’t cheap.

We arrived at the studio and were met with a sign informing us there were no bathrooms. I expected plush locker rooms at this price point, so I was even more shocked when the women behind the desk pointed us to the public restrooms in the parking lot.

It was our first time at the studio, but no one offered us a tour or any information about the space or the class. We knew the classes were heated, but that was the extent of my knowledge.

We got into the room as it was emptying from the class before, and damn was it hot.

The teacher was upbeat and happy (note: I didn’t take a class taught by Tracy Anderson, just at her studio.) Without much fanfare, she started to dance, and we followed along. This model is the same as Zumba, where there is no formal instruction, you’re just meant to mimic.

The floor was bouncy, which was kind of fun, but I was worried it was broken since no one at TA gave us a heads up about it.

15 minutes into the class a trainer walked in with a client, and started to give a private lesson in the corner of the hot, super loud room. Maybe this is normal TA protocol, but I’ve never been to a studio where the class shared a room with a private session. I am surprised no one gave a heads up about this, and even more surprised someone would pay for a private lesson in a room so loud you can’t hear anything. Not long after, a second trainer/client duo came in too. So the room was pretty busy.

The class itself was a lot of fun. The music was on point and current. The dance moves were easy enough to follow but not so easy that it felt boring or basic. The lack of spoken instruction was unexpected, but that must just be the method. I was surprised no one gave me and Katy an introduction spiel given our newness.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 4.17.32 PM
Tracy Anderson Method in East Hampton

Even though we aren’t members, I imagine class sign ups are a great feeder for memberships so there is still incentive for the studio to give us personal attention, which they didn’t.

I had a good time, and because of the heated room, we definitely worked up a sweat. Would I go back? I’d like to try some of the class formats that include weights and would love to experience a  class taught by TA herself, but based on this experience, I am unlikely to shell out the dough to do it.

Have you tried Tracy Anderson?

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