All of the workouts: 7/11 – 7/17

Hello lovelies. Last week I was all over the place. I was away from home every day but Thursday. During the week I traveled on two different work trips and over the weekend I went to the beach. I’m not complaining. It suits me to move around this much. But as I shared earlier this week, I often end up slacking in the fitness department.

In other news, this is the first month that ClassPass’s price change takes effect. (Instead of unlimited classes for $125, you are now limited to 10 classes at the $125 monthly rate. Alternatively, you could pay more for unlimited access.)  I am on the 10 class per month plan. We shall see how it goes. I have a feeling I will like this (even though I’ll spend more money) since I’ll be getting exactly what I want after those 10 classes an on ClassPass by purchasing classes at my favorite studios. (Sometimes on ClassPass you have to hustle to get the class you want.)

Here’s what happened last week:

Monday: Didn’t work out, but did hoard shampoo + conditioner from my hotel

hotel shampoo
i have a dream that one day i will be on a 50-day long rough-and-tumble backpacking trip but I’ll smell like a Park Ave Princess from bathing exclusively with travel-sized products procured from fancy hotels.

Tuesday: Didn’t work out

Wednesday: I did part of a Nike Training Club workout in the morning at a hotel gym. A friend recommended it. NTC lets you search their videos by duration, intensity, amount of equipment you have available. NTC has easy-to-follow programs, set up as full workouts and timed like you’re in a fitness class. It’s a great way to have the in-class experience when you’re on your own. I wouldn’t say its akin to a trainer though (which is their shtick), since no one corrects your form or encourages you.

flight cancelled
when you’re traveling for work and this happens

Thursday: I got into a class at the Fhitting Room on ClassPass last minute. SPECIAL TREAT. Dara taught it and it was fabulous.

Friday: Traveling for work and didn’t work out

Saturday: I was at the beach and tried a new-to-me TRX class via ClassPass at a studio in East Hampton called Silich Core + Strength. The studio is small, but the class was really good. Linda Silich was the main instructor, aided by two additional women. I tweaked my neck in my sleep the night before and Linda saw me struggling and rubbed some essential oils into my neck. I now love her forever. She also texted me on Monday to see how I was doing, and what I thought of the class. So she’s pretty dedicated.

FullSizeRender (70)
Physique 57 in Bridgehampton

Sunday: I’ve been taking Physique 57 classes for years but have never had Tanya Becker, Physique’s founder as an instructor. When I saw her name on the Bridgehampton schedule I signed up immediately. She was unsurprisingly an excellent instructor. Matt’s mom ended up joining me for her first-ever Physique experience. Later in the day I ran two very sweaty miles.

How was your week? Did you try anything new?

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