5 things from the NYC Pride 5 miler

The Front Runners Pride 5 Miler is always my favorite race of the year.  It kicks off Pride Week in NYC. Last year the mood was incredibly celebratory because the run took place just days after the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. This year, the tenor was a bit different. The horrible atrocities from the Orlando’s Pulse night club were top of mind, and the race started with a moment of silence.

Running a race isn’t going to change anything as far as lunatics committing disgusting acts of terror, I know that. But it felt good to stand with a whole lot of people who believe in equality. Or maybe some of the participants just like running near a bunch of people wearing rainbows and tutus, which is not something I could hold against anyone.

thousands ready to run the Front Runners Pride 5 miler
thousands ready to run the Front Runners Pride 5 miler

But events like this run – and the other Pride Week activities – are about pushing forward just as much as they are about pausing to comprehend the tragedies that brought us here. The run still had it’s usual colorful, vibrant and alive vibe. Worth noting, part of the proceeds from race go to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. GLSEN works to make schools a safe, happy place regardless of ones sexual orientation or gender.

So, on a much lighter note, here are 5 things that happened during the Front Runners NYRR Pride 5 Miler:

Front Runners Pride Run NYRR

1.  I started out way too fast.  The first mile of this course includes Harlem Hills. In general, I like to start slow and work up to a faster pace, but this morning I threw that out the window and rushed up the hills. It felt totally fine during mile 1. By mile 2 my foot was spasming and it felt like I was stepping on an about-to-break rubber band.  (I rate this strategy 1/10; does not recommend!)

2. I blinded myself with suntan lotion. I’ve not had cause to mention it on this blog, but I’ve been having issues with my left eye. Some sort of allergic reaction to earth, wind, fire, dust, bugs, life and on and on. Basically,  it gets irritated very easily. So you can imagine when sweat poured a heavy dose of sunscreen into my eye, it didn’t go over well.  My eye burned and stung and was pretty useless for about a mile. Luckily I had a whole ‘nother eye, plus I could probably run this loop blindfolded, save for the other people and my own klutzy-ness, which I’ll get to in my next point.

3. I fell. Not like “Oops! I tripped!” Like I flew and moments later found myself prone, face down on the ground. Many people kindly rushed over to tend to me, but I felt fine, only slightly worse for the wear. I got up, walked a bit and then continued running. It wasn’t until a half a mile later I realized I was bleeding in two places. So sexy!

front runner NYC 5 miler
so hot right now.

4.  I  bumped into Roy from Fun Home!  I wish I could say we ran together holding hands and singing “Ring of Keys” but I saw him right after the finish line. I assumed being on the other side of the finish, he was done running and wanted to save his voice for later. Coincidentally, Matt and I saw Fun Home just the night before.  (We loved it. You should see it!)

Fun Home, pride run
Roy from Fun Home, and me, new running buddies

5. I finished. I’ve never so seriously considered quitting mid-race as I did during this race. Between all of the mishaps, when we got to the west side, I was this close to yelling “HABER OUT!” and hopping in a cab. But instead I challenged myself to finish. I thought,  “This isn’t going to be your fastest race, but what if you do it to prove that you’re tough enough to keep going even when things aren’t lining up for you.”  And I did.  So that’s pretty cool.

Have you ever had a bad race? Ever fell? Going to any Pride events? Ever saw an actor from a musical you saw the night before? Really just comment however you like!

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