Every time I worked out last week (5/30 -6/5)

Hello pals. Happy Thursday!! Last week I changed my emphasis from running to strength training. I’m all new kinds of sore, but I think it’s the right move for my body and something I can pull off without any long races looming. (Though I do have a few shorter races coming up!)

Here’s what I got into:

Monday: I got home from Toronto a little before 3pm, and made it to a 4pm Physique 57 class. I’ve never had Leah as an instructor before. Her class was TOUGH. Very glad I went. Then I went for a walk to enjoy the rollerblade dancers in Central Park (photo above!)

Tuesday: Up bright and early for Nalini Method. This class is incredibly hard. It’s similar to a barre class but Rupa (the creator and the instructor this am) gives lots of personalized feedback, forcing you to push yourself. I also feel like this class does 3x as many reps per exercise when compared to a normal barre class.

Wednesday: I ran 1.25 miles to (meagerly) celebrate Global Running Day. Then I went to a Sculpt class at Uplift. Love that place.

Thursday: REST. I was meant to go to NYRR running class in the am, but my legs needed a break, so I slept in.

Friday: 3 miles in the rain


Saturday: I took a morning class at the Fhitting Room in Flatiron, I’ve never been to that location before and its a delight! I was out late the night before celebrating Matt’s cousin’s law school graduation so I was definitely riding the struggle bus during this class. My legs are still sore from the 2000 squats and lunges.

Sunday: I was so sore from the Fhitting Room the day before so my only exercise was run/walking the Girls on the Run 5K at a pace set by a 10 year old.

How was your week? Are you training for any upcoming races?

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