Every time I worked out last week (5/23 – 5/29)

Hello, friends. I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

I visited Toronto during the long weekend to visit my dear pal Kyla. But before that,  I had a lighter week of workouts. Post-BK Half, it wasn’t that I was too sore (I was the normal amount of sore) but mentally, I needed a break. I didn’t feel like pushing myself. So I took a break.  I highly recommend it.

Here’s what went down:

Monday: NOTHING. I just ran the Brooklyn Half.

Tuesday: TRX MASH UP at FitRxN. I loved this class! The ambiance is similar to The Fhitting Room. I love that the studio is on the ground floor and has huge windows that face the West Side Highway. JD was a fabulous instructor. My triceps and abs are noticeably sore. This was clearly before I decided I needed the mental break, but a HITT class feels very different from a massive cardio push, to me at least.

Wednesday: I took 20 minutes of a Flywheel class. Mentally, I didn’t have any fight in me, and I need that for a spin class. My legs felt okay, but I just didn’t feel like doing the hustle. So I left, and got an iced coffee at Gourmet Garage and continued about my day. This is when I realized I needed a mental break more than a physical one.

Thursday: NYRR running class.  I know! You’re thinking, Nicole you keep talking about this “break” and then you keep working out! But here’s what happened. Stuart, the lead coach, was hyperaware that many of us had run the Brooklyn Half last weekend so he instructed us not to do the 5K time trial everyone else was doing but to take an easy run along the same route, because #teamwork! I made it 2.5  very slow miles before decided I was done. It felt great to stretch my legs.

Friday: Early am UpLift class. I took a POWER class. It was FABULOUS. I left feeling really energized.

Saturday: Nada! I was in Toronto visiting my pal Kyla

Kyla at Brickworks in Toronto
Kyla at Brickworks in Toronto (husband and baby behind her)

Sunday: Kyla joined me for part of a 3-mile run in 88 degree weather. I was happy to get the run in. Getting back into sweaty/humid/summer running will take a few tries!

And here is me with Kyla (and Issac)’s cute little babe, it’s only a meager bicep workout, but I’ll take it.


How was your week?

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