Every time I worked out last week: BK Half Edition

I was traveling for work last week, and tapering for the Brooklyn Half, so you’ll see this recap is light on mid-week exercise.  I’m excited that the Brooklyn Half is over and I can focus less on running and more on other fitness things. For example, I avoided the Fhitting Room for the last few weeks because after 50 minutes in their studio, I can’t walk, let alone run.

Here’s what happened last week:

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: 3-mile treadmill run and a few squats at the hotel gym
Wednesday: 2.25 mile treadmill run



Thursday: 10 minutes of PT exercises at home
Friday: a soft tissue PT session at Finish Line. Raechel helped loosen up my quads and calves.
Saturday: Brooklyn Half Marathon!! (Recap here!) It was also Matt’s Grandma’s 100th birthday (Amazing, right?) so after a quick shower, we headed to her house post-half marathon. Some innocent mid-soiree snooping proved very fruitful! It turns out Grandma Evelyn is a retro fitness goddess! We found this vintage spin bike in her bedroom:

old school fitness bike
sorry for the poor lighting!

Sunday: 7-8 mile bike ride in Riverside Park/West Side Highway to stretch the legs and enjoy the good weather. A lot of spandex-clad men and women mistake the West Side Highway bike/walking path for the Tour de France. It’s weird because the two places don’t look anything alike. These bikers in their matching outfits treat the WSH like it’s a race track. Their ferociousness is uncool when I am running but it can be damn right dangerous as a fellow biker.  There is no chill on the West Side Highway bike path. I find Riverside Drive/Park provides a more lovely bike riding experience.

My first blog post ever was about this subject.  Sometimes I have a strong urge to kick the bike wheels of those speed demons for the catharsis. But for many reasons (fear of recourse, fear of injury of others, sense of right and wrong, etc)  I don’t.



How was your week? Did you bike? Did you kick any bikers?


PS. These are my race photos. Do I need to see a doctor? What kind?

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