The Color Run: The Happiest 5K

Months ago my sister asked if I’d like to run the Color Run at Citifield with her and Kerri, our friend/neighbor from growing up. My sister isn’t obsessed with running like I am,  so I immediately said yes at the opportunity to participate in a race with her.

I signed up, received all my gear in the mail, and then didn’t think about the Color Run for a few months. The race took place on Saturday, May 7 – aka prime Brooklyn Half training time. But I knew Kerri and Jill would be cool with walking/running it. I didn’t want to take it too seriously and decided to save my long run for Sunday.

color run queens
early morning at Citifield

We met up around 9am at Citifield not knowing really what to expect. But it was way more fun than I imagined. I knew I would be dosed in powdered paint, but I didn’t consider the unique access we’d get to the Mets’ ball field.

color run queens

The first lap of the race was around the 100-level concourse of Citifield. The second lap was on the field! I never expected that! Our relaxed pace allowed us to stop to take photos, to check out the dug out and in general to appreciate how cool it was to be on the field at a Major League Stadium.

color run queens
hanging in the dug out

Once the course left the stadium and hit the parking lot, the real fiesta began. The course weaved around the parking lot, and through six different color stations where volunteers throw powdered paint on you. It was weird and amazing.

color run queens

The Color Run is untimed, and there are no mile markers. So the best plan of action is to sign up with a few friends and just enjoy yourself. After the race there are lots of free snacks and a dance party.

color run queens

Have you ever participated in an un-timed fun run?

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